Jana Sena Party (JSP): Past, Present & Future


Jana Sena Party (JSP): Past, Present & Future

Pawan Kalyan’s new political outfit the Jana Sena Party (JSP) started his life. Here is an analysis of its past, present & future.

Vizag: After the JSP got launched at Hyderabad with lot of hype, its founder Pawan Kalyan rendered lot of services for promoting the same. Some of the efforts include: meeting NaMo (the BJP’s PM Candidate) and discussing various issues, unveiling his new book on ‘ISM’ & conducting public meetings (first of such meetings being Vizag which was believed to be a grand success).

JSP has got past only based on the personal image of Pawan Kalyan and his face value. The sole ideology of the new party seem to be ‘congress hatao desh bachao’ for the time being. The concept of the party as well as the founder received good initial response.

The party is rumored to join the grand alliance in AP with BJP, TDP & Lok Satta. The plan of action by JSP is not clear at present – whether the party will contest any MLA and/or MP seats in the coming elections or it will restrict itself to support any of the parties/alliances.

The scenario reminds anyone about the initial response that Arvind Kerjiwal’s Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) got in Delhi to start and in rest of the country as well. The party with less than 2 years of age was pushed forward to majority in Delhi assembly which ultimately formed the government (of course with support of congress). It is altogether different that the government could last for less than 50 days.

AAP’s government also could not show any reasonable performance during its governance. The only achievement of the AAP government was that the budget got cleared and nothing else. The recommendation for dissolution of Delhi assembly was also rejected by the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi and president’s rule was imposed.

Subsequently, Kejriwal started publishing lists of corrupt politicians and mentioned that AAP would contest against all corrupt politicians. Kejriwal for himself is projected to contest form Varanasi in UP against Narendra Modi. AAP is also contesting in many LS seats throughout the country (against its initial declaration to contest less than 100 select seats). People started dis-believing AAP and popularity of the AAP has been drastically coming down from December 2013 till March 2014 as also that of Kejriwal.

On the same lines, Pawan Kalyan’s new declarations are believed by the people and hence there is huge positive response. But it is to be seen whether this same following will convert into votes in the elections.