Bharadwaj provides entertainment news to our site. He is very much interested to keep updated with latest entertainment information and he also shares the same with us. He has special interest towards movies, television, etc. He is a typical movie buff who enjoys knowing latest movie updates, collections, records, gossips, etc. He can be the right source of information when it comes to entertainment section. His writing is flair with exotic touch. He enjoys writing articles and also ensures that his articles are enjoyable for the readers. One can pass time easily by reading to the interesting articles written by Bharadwaj. These articles are informative too.
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Immy Khan is a Blogger, currently pursuing B-tech in KIIT University. He likes People clarifying him about latest technology. Blogging Since 2 years made him habituated to the Internet World, and is always ready to contribute in this field. He loves to get the tag of Technical, as it encourage him to deepen himself in technology. Automobile is his second field of interest.He loves to find whats the latest trend in these industries and competitors fighting to get to the top.
Indrajit Ghosh
You can describe him as a full techie. He likes all things related to technology and is fond of describing about them. Be it laptops, Smartphones or any new functions adopted by Google, he can take them heads on. He is also keen on current affairs and likes to give his opinion on them. He has done a Masters in Computer Applications and has an immense reputation as a content writer. He is a terrific story teller who can keep you glued to the serious political matters also.


Harbhajan is a medico and it is natural that he has extra curiosity and interest in health subject. He gathers more and more information about each topic in subject and shares it with us. Best part of his writing is that he goes deep in to any topic for giving best information as much as possible. One can get complete information about any health related topic from his articles. His is more interested to know about latest findings by doctors and scientists across the world. One can keep updated with latest health related topics if he or she follows the articles of Harbhajan. Email: harbajan[at]


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Keeping updated with latest information is the one of the necessary aspects in becoming successful in business. Businessmen and investors will always in search of latest news because it might affect their business or shares or investments. Hence business and finance related articles can be of great use for them. These finance related news articles are not only for them, but also be useful for everyone. Rakesh is the one who provides business and finance related articles on our site. He gathers good volumes of information regarding business, investments, shares, stock market, business trends and other topics. His articles will be very much useful for everyone. Email: rakesh[at]

Ritij Khurana

Ritij is a freelance Automobile and Technology writer by profession. Always wanted to be a F1 driver but that ship sailed long back. But that does not stop him from driving a car like one. He likes to go on long bike rides and as soon as he is inside the four walls, he just can not get his hands off the gadgets around. He loves to buy the latest gadgets and stay in sync with the changing technology trends in the market. And whenever he gets a day off, he makes sure he uses those mobile cameras for clicking pictures. He likes to visit new places and roadtrips ring a lot of bells in his head. He can sing pretty well and he drives not to go to places, but he goes places because he gets to drive. A driver, a rider, a tech junkie, a singer and a photographer, he has it all in him. And for the record, he is a 20 year old student who is in his final year of graduation and will be starting up his MBA in June 2013.Email:ritij.khurana[at] Follow Ritij :


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Vijayan is a freelance writer interested to write on topics like new products, home improvement, holiday destinations, travel guides and much more. He takes great enthusiasm to write on latest mobiles, iPods, laptops, desktops, computer accessories, automobiles and many other home improvement products. The readers are provided with latest and accurate information on new product launches as soon as they are available in the market. Besides, he has written articles on important holiday destinations around the world. He is a regular contributor to leading online publishing forums like Ezinearticles, Hubpages, Squidoo, Livejournal, Wikinut, Goarticles and many others. Email: vijayan[at]


Anything may happen at any time in politics. Hence one needs to be updated about political news for latest happenings. Same is the case with Vishwas. He is a student having extra curiosity for political news. He immediately shares an article after he goes through any interesting political affairs news across the web. As a proverb says, there are no permanent friends in politics and there are no permanent enemies in politics. So it is very much necessary to know who have become friends and who have become enemies in the latest political front. Following the articles of Vishwas will help us to keep updated with political news. Email: vishwas[at]