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He is a biker by the day, a tech junkie by night and the one who drives his car like it's a F1 car. He is your regular guy next door everytime you meet him but there's always a mischief brewing up at the back of his mind. You can reach him at [email protected] and ask him anything you wish to.

High End Brand fight: Lenovo K900 vs Huawei Ascend Mate: The Big just got smaller

The observation is between two very influential Phablets. The most prevalent resemblence between these devices is that they are made by China based companies. Both the companies are Brand-new and are trying to authorize themselves in the Smartphone market, which already has tough clashes. Both the companies, however have been lucrative in endowing themselves as […]

Xolo Q1000S vs Micromax Canvas 4

Xolo Q1000S vs Micromax Canvas 4 Xolo Q1000S is here to rival the Canvas 4 and we compare the both of them for you. Micromax and Xolo are two companies that have been manufacturing Android enabled Smartphones which does not only offer some of the most amazing features but also fit well within the budget […]