Can TRS Accomplish The Expectations Of Telangana People?


Can TRS Accomplish The Expectations Of Telangana People?

TRS as a political party is claiming credit for bringing Telangana. With the hope of getting the required majority for government formation, it is fighting the elections without any alliance.

Hyderabad: To bring the much needed peace in the minds of people of Telangana demanding separate state for their development, congress high command decided to go ahead and award separate state. The background for this T-formation has elements including the numerous people who have sacrificed their lives for this cause.

The last 12 years period is treated as ‘peak’ for the T-movement (the movement has actually existed for the last 6 decades). During the same period nearly 1200 students and youth committed suicide demanding immediate declaration of Telangana state. On many occasions KCR (chief of TRS) mentioned that if congress declares the state, TRS would merge with congress. Congress did some mis-calculations and went ahead to declare Telangana (with the clear stress on the point that TRS would merge with congress).

Once the Telangana bill got clearance in parliament, TRS gone back on its earlier word (to merge TRS with congress) and started new version stating that ‘TRS would be involved in re-construction of Telangana’. Many requests from congress leaders for merger have been rejected by TRS. At present for the coming elections, there is not even pre-poll alliance.

TRS strongly believes that the Telangana people are with the party and hence would ensure victory of TRS candidates in the elections. But the reality is not exactly the same. There is 45% support to congress in this state (as the party that gave Telangana).

During the movement period, the sole agenda for TRS has been ‘to achieve Telangana’. Now that the state has already been formed, TRS is bound to declare its manifesto highlighting the various problems of this new state and TRS’ way of addressing the same. TRS is lacking experience in this field of facing full-fledged elections.

TRS is facing the elections on its own for the first time. All earlier general elections TRS had alliance with Congress or TDP and as such is facing a typical situation.

TRS is required to assure the people of Telangana that the TRS party, if voted to power, has the capability to implement the manifesto and ensure all-round development of the state. Many of the contestants on TRS ticket have only political experience but they lack the administrative experience (which is much needed to take forward the administration of the new state).

TRS is really going through a tough phase on the present elections.