Family Feuds Becoming News Headlines


Family Feuds Becoming News Headlines

Politics is an interesting game. The family feuds give more interesting headlines for news channels.

New Delhi: Family feuds many a time give lot of ‘salt’ for the ever hungry news channels looking for interesting headlines/titles. Some times these family feuds go public and create unwanted and un-warranted disturbances in public life as well.

The Indian ruling clan i.e., Gandhi clan is a classic example in this case. Former PM Indira Gandhi’s younger son Sanjay Gandhi is not able to find place in congress achievements. Sanjay Gandhi’s name became popular during emergency period where he was criticized for many bad things happened during that time including family planning operations etc.

As per the records available, Sanjay Gandhi ensured that the party is built stronger to come out of the sorrowful defeat in elections immediately after the emergency. He ensured that the new generation leaders at that time are nurtured to rise to the ranks in the party. He built the congress party and restored the confidence of the party workers from ground level. His efforts became the base for the resurgence of congress from the dismal performance post emergency.

Many people are aware that Sanjay Gandhi ensured to make the Amethi belt a strong bastion for congress. The efforts of Sanjay Gandhi are now enjoyed by the latest Gandhi’s i.e., Sonia Gandhi & Rahul Gandhi etc. But the contribution of Sanjay Gandhi for upliftment of congress’ image does not find suitable in the books of congress.

Subsequent to Sanjay Gandhi’s untimely death, his family consisting of Maneka Gandhi and Varun Gandhi were separated from Indira Gandhi’s house. This part of Gandhi family (consisting of Maneka Gandhi & Varun Gandhi) joined BJP and they are still with the party. Indira Gandhi started showing more liking and affection to Rajiv Gandhi and his family (consisting of Sonia, Rahul & Priyanka).

After ‘Operation Blue Star’ Indira Gandhi was killed by her sikh body guards. Immediately the name of Rajiv Gandhi propped up as the natural successor. He left his job as a pilot and took the steering of India as Prime Minister.

After assassination of Rajiv Gandhi, Sonia restricted herself to home and there was also no much news about Rahul & Priyanka. Only during the 2004, Sonia came to lime light and started taking active part in politics by leading the congress party to power for 2 consecutive terms. It is pity to learn that even today Sonia & Rahul are enjoying the fruits of Sanjay Gandhi’s work in Amethi belt and they are not able to give the due place for Sanjay Gandhi in congress’ books.