Elections 2014: List Of Key Players At Centre Increasing


Elections 2014: List Of Key Players At Centre Increasing

With the present elections in full swing, the list of key players at centre is very long and is ever increasing.

New Delhi: The list of key players at centre is ever increasing. The ruling UPA is unable to find any takers and is expected to show the worst-ever performance. The negative feelings about the ruling UPA are natural conclusion for the misdeeds of the ruling alliance, in the form of inflation, corruption, unemployment and above all the unlimited and ever increasing scams involving crores of rupees of public money.

The NDA headed by BJP, on the other hand, is showing ever improving performance and is presently expected to cross the magic figure of 272 MPs to form the government against total strength of 543 Lok Sabha members. The BJP PM Candidate Narendra Modi is also showing increased popularity.

While the scene remaining so, there are many local and regional parties vying for ‘key role’ in the new government. The expected ‘key role players’ have two theories.

  • One theorem is that there will be a third front emerging post elections as both the NDA & UPA would not be able to get clear majority.
  • The other theorem is that the NDA might be just close to the magic figure of 272 MPs and might fall short of few numbers.

Under both the above scenarios the parties want key role. In case of third front, there are many front runners including the Mamata, Jayalalithaa, Nitish Kumar, Navin Patnaik, Mulayam and also Mayawati. Every one of them has their own strength in terms of number of seats to be won by their parties and want to lead the alliance. Already Jayalalithaa, Mulayam, Mayawati expressed their desire for the prestigious PM post. At present Navik Patnaik, Mamata & Nitish Kumar are yet to declare their aspiration for PM post.

In case there is a scene where the 2nd option emerge post polls, each of the above will be ready to put their hat in support of the ‘near majority alliance’. Then the terms of each of the player would be different. Depending on the requirement, the NDA might have to consider each of the support on case to case basis.