Strategies Re-Worked


Strategies Re-Worked

Political parties are forced to revise their estimations regarding expect wins and also amend the strategies for ensuring more wins.

New Delhi: Politics is ever changing and dynamic game. There is neither permanent friendship nor enmity in politics. Strategies in politics (especially during elections time) are worked out based on certain assumptions. The game is always a mix of combinations and permutations.

Re-working of poll strategy is required to be undertaken by almost all political parties. Either at the centre or at the state level, all the political parties need to amend their strategies depending on the changed circumstances.

Congress projected Rahul Gandhi as a stiff competitor for Narendra Modi’s PM candidature from BJP side. All the promo material from congress had Rahul’s photo printed more prominently than even Sonia. During that time it was assumed that RaGa would be able to fight NaMo. But once the difference between the RaGa & NaMo came to highlight, immediately the scenario changed. Almost all the senior leaders including Sonia jumped in to attack BJP and NaMo.

Jayalalithaa in TN was found to be the most favorite in current elections and her party AIADMK was expected to gain 25-27 MP seats out of total 39 in the state. However, with the more aggressive campaigning activity taken up by DMK under Stalin, the scene changed and now the results are expected to be around 15 seats in DMK account.

Chandrababu Naidu of TDP was projecting himself much higher than the actual. Once BJP came to dialogue table (in connection with the pre-poll alliance with TDP), the reality came to front and there is a near reality in terms of seats being contested by both the parties.

BJP also was projecting very high about its winning capacity in Telangana. But due to the ground realities being understood by both TDP & BJP, a near realistic seat sharing has been concluded.

The new formed Telangana state is facing its first elections and is going to polls on 30th April 2014. The Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) and its chief KCR were expecting that the Telangana people would be definitely favoring TRS because it ‘brought Telangana’. But with the reality coming to light, the party is more aggressively canvassing for win of its candidates.

Take another example of Nitish Kumar. At the time when BJP declared NaMo as it’s PM Candidate, Nitish got angry and ensured that the 17 years old alliance came to an end. Now with the ever increasing popularity of BJP, NDA & Narendra Modi, Nitish had to change his strategy and he is now planning to face the elections with more emphasis on religion based voting.