Mayawati Takes On All Opponents In Her Race To Prime Minister Post


Mayawati Takes On All Opponents In Her Race To Prime Minister Post

The BSP chief Mayawati cleverly indicated her inclination to PM post. She takes on all expected opponents in this regard.

Agra: BSP in UP is one of the strong players in the state. UP state is sending 80 MPs to Lok Sabha and it is believed that PM of India is generally decided by UP. This rule has a exception of Prime Ministers like PV Narasimha Rao, Manmohan Singh etc.

This precedence must have given boost to Mayawati’s desire to run for the Prime Minister post. Not to be left behind, (after Jayalalithaa, Mulayam etal expressing their desire to play key role in centre including the position of PM), Mayawati also ventured into the race for PM.

During one of her election rallies in Agra, she said that if her supporters voted intelligently, a “dalit ki beti” could well be at the helm of affairs of the central government.

While narrating her candidature for the prestigious post, she took all care to criticize the ruling congress, the ever strong BJP and also the SP. She confirmed that congress & BJP are responsible for the present (sorry) state of affairs prevailing in the country including the inflation, law & order situation etc.

She criticized Mulayam mentioning that Mulayam’s SP (in power in UP) is full of goons and officials are corrupt and as such there is no rule of law in UP.

She narrated her abilities mentioning that her BSP ensured all-round development of people (irrespective of caste & religion). Even during the current elections, BSP ensured equal priority in ticket allocation to all castes & religions as per Mayawati.

Mayawati has carefully articulated her speech targeting Modi that ‘he has not specified from which backward caste he came from’. Mayawati clearly was banking on caste based votes for her party to win major chunk of UP’s 80 Lok Sabha seats thus paving way for her to become the ‘first dalit PM of the country’.

The point to note here is that in her anxiety to put her candidature for PM post, there are other rivals in the third front and those include the Jayalalithaas, Mamatas, Navin Patnaiks & not to forget the Mulayams.

As per the pre-poll surveys BJP’s NDA would be clinching 50-53 out of total 80 Lok Sabha seats in UP where Mayawati is one of the strong players. This leaves another 27-30 seats to be shared between SP, BSP, Congress and other small players like RLD etc. With share in these 30 (max) seats Mayawati’s chance for PM post may be a day dream only (at least for the present).