Final battle started in 2015 – Knock-Out matches : India takes on Bangladesh in Quarter Finals

Final battle started in 2015 – Knock-Out matches : India takes on Bangladesh in Quarter Finals

Even though West Indies has tasted extreme defeat from Ireland, it has entered into Quarter Finals in the last minute. With two successive defeats initially, Pakistan has somehow managed to get into Quarter Finals with successive wins later on. India and New Zealand have made royal entry into Quarters. Other teams Sri Lanka, Australia, South Africa and Bangladesh have entered into Quarter Finals a bit late. Now World Cup 2015 is heated up with royal challenges among mighty teams.

In group stage, however the way they have performed and some how managed to make into Quarter Finals, future of every team will be decided now. Now all teams have equal chances and all stand at equal position. One punch is enough for a team to sail home. In group stage, if one match is lost, there are chances to pick up in another match. But in knock out stage, only one chance is left. Match has to rescued within minutes. Else entire nation has to wait for four more years. Team which has played well that day will advance and other team has to go back.

Bangladesh Vs India

Quarter Finals 1: Sri Lanka Vs South Africa on 18th March

Even though South Africa claimed second position in Group B, it has not won matches of its royal level. It has recorded big victories against fresh buds only. It lost to Pakistan and India. Sri Lanka position is also the same. It won against small nations but lost to Australia and New Zealand.

Quarter Finals 2: India Vs Bangladesh on 19th March

With 6 out of 6, India took first position in Group B and advanced into Knock out stage too early than any other team. Bangladesh has some worked hard against West Indies and Zimbabwe and managed to enter Quarter Finals. Bangladesh is lucky to get a match cancelled with Australia early. Now India is lucky for having to face Bangladesh in Quarter Finals. Probably this could be the easy match in Quarter Finals.

Quarter Finals 3: Australia Vs Pakistan on 20th March

Australia has played classical innings in Group stage. Off course, seems fate is not very good with it. Match against New Zealand and cancellation of match against Bangladesh would be good examples for it. Any how, now it is one of the strongest teams. Pakistan, lucky escape into Quarter Finals overtaking Ireland has got good chance now to prove. It has showed poor performance initially, later it has picked up and entered knock out stage.

Quarter Finals 4: New Zealand Vs West Indies on 21st March

New Zealand is the other consistent team from Group A just like India in Group B. New Zealand is the first team reserving berth in Quarter Finals in this World Cup. It has won all group league matches. Luck has favoured it matches against mighty teams Australia and South Africa. West Indies too made last entry into knock out stage just like Pakistan. West Indies won against small nations and made it.