Nagarjuna, Karthi’s Oopiri Released Today: Oopiri is a Good Entertainer

Nagarjuna, Karthi’s Oopiri Released Today: Oopiri is a Good Entertainer

‘Oopiri’, the new Telugu movie directed by Vamsi Paidipalli starring Nagarjuna, Karthi and Tamanna hit the silver screens this Friday. The movie is said to be inspired by French movie Intouchables. Let us see if the movie touched the hearts of Telugu audience or not.

Vijayawada: Karthi played the character of Srinu who is brought up by Jayasudha as he loses her parents when he is young in an accident. Srinu becomes a petty thief in order to help Jayasudha who already has two children. This angers Jayasudha.

Nagarjuna plays the character of Vikramaditya, a business man. He loves painting and spends lot of money to buy paintings. He is confined to wheel chair due to an accident. Tamannah plays the character of Keerthi, assistant of Nagarjuna. Karthi is appointed as a care taker of Nagarjuna. Srinu understands Nagarjuna’s likes and dislikes and does everything Nagarjuna wants. One day Nagarjuna is admitted into the hospital with breathing troubles and doctor says he is worrying about something. Karthi finds about the past of Nagarjuna from his friend and lawyer Prakash Raj.

The plus points of Oopiri movie are the story, screenplay, performance of lead actors and comedy scenes. The production values are great and the back ground score is also good. Compared to first half, the second half of the movie is dragging. Karthi and Tamannah’s love scenes are not interesting.

Nagarjuna did full justice to the character. Karthi’s performance is also good. There is not much scope for Tamanna to act. Audience can enjoy the comedy scenes between Karthi and Prakash Raj. Gopi Sundar provided good music score. Back ground score needs to be mentioned specially. All the technicians have done good justice to their roles.

Oopiri is going to be a great movie in the career of Nagarjuna. Karthi’s acted for the first time in a straight Telugu movie and his movie is going to be a super hit film. Overall, Oopiri is a movie that can be enjoyed by family.