Srimanthudu Review: Mahesh Babu’s One Man Show

Srimanthudu Review: Mahesh Babu’s One Man Show

Finally Srimanthudu, Mahesh Babu’s much awaited movie hit the screens today. Fans were waiting eagerly for this movie as it is coming in the combination of Koratala Siva and Mahesh Babu. Let us now see if the movie reached the expectations of the audience.

Vijayawada: Mahesh Babu is the son of Jagapati Babu. Jagapati Babu wants his son to look after his business while Mahesh is in no plan to do so. One day he meets Shruti Hassan and falls in love. Shruti Hassan rejects his love proposal saying that she is not suitable for someone who does not know his native village.


Mahesh comes to know that his native village is Devarakota and goes there without informing his parents. He tries to develop the village along with Shruti’s father played by Rajendra Prasad. There is a villain gang consists of Mukhesh Rishi, Sampath Raj, Hareesh and so on who tries to stop the development. After a twist, Mahesh comes to know about his father’s relation with the village. What he does next forms the remaining story.

Biggest plus point of the movie Srimanthudu is Mahesh Babu’s character. This is the first time that Mahesh played a character with so many variations. His looks, dialogues, dance movements and actions episodes are excellent. The emotions scene in pre climax is one of the highlights of the movie. Shruti Hassan delivered good performance and she looks beautiful also. Sukanya, Rajendra Prasad, jagapati Babu, Mukhesh Rishi and others played their parts well.

Biggest minus point of the movie is its run time. The movie runs for two hours and 43 minutes and the audience will feel bored. The movie also runs slow in the first half. This is a serious movie and runs on expected lines in the second half. It is in routine commercial movie format.

Overall the movie can be expected to be a big hit at the box office. This is a one man show and the director Koratala Shiva must be appreciated for becoming successful in conveying social message commercially.