Nokia Lumia 520 Vs Nokia Lumia 525 – Which Is Better?

Nokia Lumia 525

Nokia Lumia 520 Vs Nokia Lumia 525 – Which Is Better?

Nokia has done itself a world of good by launching the Lumia series which is slowly but surely turning out to be a profitable investment. The most popular offerings among these are Lumia 520 and Lumia 525. People are often in a catch 22 situation when choosing any one of these phones.

New Delhi: Nokia 520 and Nokia 525 go hand in hand, however there are some important points of difference which one needs to look at.

  • Price: Nokia Lumia 520 is of a lesser price than Nokia Lumia 525. The price of Nokia 520 is 7599 INR whereas that of Nokia 525 is 8639 INR.
  • RAM: Nokia Lumia 520 has a RAM of 512 MB and Nokia Lumia 525 has a RAM of 1 GB.
  • External Device Connector: Lumia 520 can be connected by tethering, computer sync, OTA sync whereas Lumia 525 can be connected using DLNA.
  • Battery Life: Lumia 520 has a talk-time life of 17.24 hours for 2G and 9.7 hours for 3G. Lumia 525 has a talk-time of 16.9 hours for 2G and 10.66 hours for 3G.
  • Applications: Lumia 520 doesn’t have pre-loaded applications whereas Lumia 525 has DirectX 11, Touch UI, X-box Live Hub.
  • Music: Lumia 520 can play 52 hours of non-stop music whereas Lumia 525 can play 48 hours.
  • Wi-Fi: Both the phones have Mobile Hotspot which is a very handy attribute to have.

Verdict: When you consider the overall picture Nokia Lumia 525 definitely wins the show and is a much better option than Nokia Lumia 520. Battery life, processor support as well as RAM are just too good in Nokia Lumia 525 which makes it a clear winner when compared to its counterpart.