Who Genuinely Deserves Credit For Telangana?


Who Genuinely Deserves Credit For Telangana?

With the passage of T-bill in the parliament, many political parties are in line for claiming credit for Telangana. Who are the real owners of genuine credit for this state?

Hyderabad: History reveals that the Telangana movement has been in existing for the past 6 decades and more. The beginning of Telangana dates back to India’s independence in 1947 where the Hyderabad ruler (Nizam) and his Rajakars were attacking the civilians and looting them. Many people sacrificed their lives in fight against the ruler & the razakars. Once the Hyderabad joined Indian Union, this unrest came to a halt.

During 1960’s this issue of Telangana was raged by some of the senior politicians. For their political mileage they have taken advantage of this T-sentiment and ensured that the settled issue is activated once again. Everyone knows the behavior of Dr. M Chenna Reddy, the then one of the senior congress leader. On his getting appointment as a governor, he left this movement half the way and proceeded with his new assignment as governor.

Once again the congress leader YS Rajasekhar during Chandrababu Naidu’s ruling time, made a group of MLAs from Telangana and made them to meet the congress high command at Delhi with special emphasis on formation of Telangana state. In the subsequent elections, YSR brought congress into power and the issue got receded.

Around the same time, K Chandrasekhar Rao (KCR) came out of the Telugu Desam Party and started his own movement party under the name and style Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS). The sole aim and objective of this party has been declared as ‘achieving Telangana’.

Based on the T-sentiment, TRS ensured that the movement is active in the minds of the people as well as the congress leaders at state as well as centre. As a part of strategy to put pressure on congress leadership, many joint action committees were formed and to coordinate all the JACs, a political JAC under the chairmanship of Prof. Kodandaram has also been organized.

The single MP from TRS and the 16 MLA’s in assembly has week voice to represent the T-sentiment. However, with the many students and youth committing suicide (demanding that Telangana state be formed forthwith), the congress had to declare Telangana formation.

History is clear that the congress leaders started and evoked the Telangana sentiment and demand for separate state, as a natural conclusion congress is required to solve this issue. To complete its duty, congress ensured clearance of T-bill in the parliament.

The real heroes who deserve credit for Telangana are the people who sacrificed their lives for T-cause.