Elections 2014: Can We Afford Hereditary Politics


Elections 2014: Hereditary Politics

Indian polity is famous for hereditary politics. The same scene is available across all states including the union government.

New Delhi: Indian politics has a unique feature i.e, politics by hereditary in nature. The principle of hereditary politics is followed in almost all the political parties.

This system started from Indian National Congress that hijacked the Indian freedom and got the credit for making India independent. Congress’ leader Jawaharlal Nehru became the first prime minister of the independent India and from them the system of ‘ruling by clan’ is continuing (except with small brakes in between for different reasons).

History is evident that the ‘king’ used to announce his successor (in the form of prince/princess). The new named successor would be getting the required experience during tenure of the king and once the king is not able to continue his ruling in the kingdom, the successor would be the ruler. The ‘king’ used to nominate (in majority cases) his eldest son as the future ruler for his kingdom. This was cause for many clashes within the dynasties and ultimately leading to the ruining of the kingdom as a whole.

Democracy has the most beautiful definition that it is a government of the people, for the people and by the people. It means the people are the ultimate decision makers who should be the ruling the country/state as the case may be.

Modern India has prime ministers from Nehru to his daughter Indira Gandhi, to her son Rajiv Gandhi. Now the UPA administration is controlled by Sonia (wife of Rajiv). Now congress is projecting Rajiv’s son Rahul as the future leader of this country of 121 crores people.

Many senior political leaders in various parties have ensured that clear path is made for their successors. Politics is a wonderful business opportunity in the name of public service. The politicians spent before the elections and they are eligible to accumulate wealth during rest of their life. This attraction in politics is the main cause for the leaders directing their kith and kin towards politics.

May be great NTR is an exception to this general rule. NTR never wanted his heirs to enter politics and during his life time there was not a single heir of NTR to enter politics. Only after expiry of NTR, that his heirs like daughter Purandareswari & son Harikrishna ventured into politics. The latest entrant from NTR heirs to enter politics is Balakrishna (another son of NTR) who is contesting the present elections (MLA from Hindupur in Anantpur district) on TDP ticket.