India Is Looking For Decisive Leaders, But Not Divisive Leaders

India Is Looking For Decisive Leaders, But Not Divisive Leaders

With the general elections campaign in full swing throughout the country, the voters of India has a duty to select the best candidates that can work for the next 5 years to promote national development.

New Delhi: The voters of India are required to exercise their right to vote (it is rather a duty) to select the right candidate who will be responsible for leading the country towards development for the next 5 years.

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Each political party has its own merits, demerits and limitations as also the candidates. What the parties want is power to rule the country till the next elections. People of India, on the other hand, want the best candidates to come to power so that country can develop at much faster pace.

India is a unique country in the world, with lot of natural resources – both physical and mental. The Indian talent is recognized and rewarded world-wide. The natural resources of this country need to be exploited to the best use for developmental purposes.

After nearly 68 years of independence what the country is facing today is: indecisive parties/persons in power, unnecessary divisions created among the people of the country based on caste/religion/region etc. The natural resources are grossly under-utilized and exploited much against the interest of the people of the country.

India has population of almost 122 crores (2nd largest in the world) most of them ‘youth’ who are in need of work to earn their livelihood. Government has not been able to provide proper work to the educated and uneducated youth. The employed persons are not getting properly paid. There is inequality in terms of work and wages. This position is creating lot of unrest in the society leading to so many social and financial problems.

We want the political parties to come out with clear time-bound manifesto for rectification of the problems faced by the country. Everybody known pretty well, there is no ‘allauddin lamp’ that can remove all the problems over night. But the suitable planning required for solution of the problems (on priority basis) need to be worked out by the political parties and projected as election manifesto.

During the recent assembly elections at Delhi, Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party came out with a wonderful plan (one manifesto for each of the seat that AAP contested). This kind of similar plan (constituency level) would be a better option as the central planning sitting at Delhi can’t identify the problems at local level and solve them remotely.

People are badly in need of solution to their day to day problems.