Current Affairs 7th November 2013 | India is a Home to 103 Billionaires

Olympic Torch into Space

Current Affairs 7th November 2013 | India is a Home to 103 Billionaires

3 Indians won Youth Business Awards

07.11.2013: Out of 5 international awards, Indian attained 3 awards. These international awards were given by The Prince’s Youth Business International (YBI) 2013. 40 countries competed for these awards. Winners were facilitated at St.James Palace by Prince of Wales. Winner of Women Entrepreneur of the year is Godavari Satpute, Young Entrepreneur of the year award attained by Sharad Tandale, Mentor of the year achieved by Mohan Singh and Environment Entrepreneur of the year award achieved by Vikram Deshmukh.

Gross Direct Tax Collection increased by 11.58%

07.11.2013: During April- October in 2013-14, Gross Direct Tax Collection is increased by 11.58% and reached to Rs.3, 37,907 crores as against Rs.3, 02,844 crores in the last year during this period. Gross collection of corporate taxes has shown an increase of 8.23% and reached to Rs.2, 09,622 crores as against Rs.1, 93,679 crores in last year during this period. Net Direct tax collection is increased by 13.33% and reached to Rs.2, 84,339 crores as against Rs.2, 50,900 crores in the same period in the last year. Gross collection of personal income tax is increased by 7.89% and stood at Rs.1, 25,078 crores as against Rs.1, 06,097 crores in the last year.

Yogesh Malik resigned as CEO

07.11.2013: Yogesh Malik resigned as CEO of Uninor. Sigve Brekke is appointed as acting CEO of Uninor. Currently Sigve is acting as Executive Vice President and Head of the Telenor Asia operations.

Oil companies to get Rs.17, 772 crores cash subsidy, Government Sanctioned

07.11.2013: Government sanctioned Rs.17, 772 crores cash subsidy to fuel retailers like IOC to cover for half of the revenue. They lost on selling diesel and cooking fuels below cost in September quarter.

Airtel 3G services started in Bangladesh

07.11.2013: Bharti Airtel launched 3G services in Bangladesh. Initially these services will available in Chittagong and Dhaka and then it will extend to whole country.

As a Part of Flame’s Journey, Russia Launched Olympic Torch into Space

07.11.2013: As a part of flames journey ahead of the Sochi winter Olympics, Russia launched the Olympic torch into the space. For the first time in the history of Olympics, two astronauts are due to take the torch on a space walk on Saturday. Sochi Winter Olympics will start from February 7th 2014.

India to host Men’s Hockey World Cup

07.11.2013: International Hockey Federation (FIH) selected India to host the Men’s Hockey World Cup in 2018. England will host Women’s Hockey World Cup in 2018. Men’s final will be held between 1st to 16th December 2018 where as Women’s Final matches will be held between 7th July to 21st July 2018. During the special ceremony session, this was announced by Leandro Negre, the President of FIH at Lausanne. For every four years, Hockey World cup competitions conduct.

Scientists discovered a Black Hole in a Collection of stars

07.11.2013: Scientists discovered a black hole in a collection of stars in constellation Ophiuchus. This is located about 22000 light years from Earth. Spotted Black hole is known as M62. Black Hole spotted in globular cluter. Black holes are stars that have died collapsed into them and possess such as strong gravitational field that even light cannot escape from them.

India is a Home to 103 Billionaires

07.11.2013: According to Wealth X and UBS billionaires Census Report 2013, India’s Billionaires population decreased by 5.5 % and reached to 103 billionaires. Wealth of total billionaires decreases by USD 10 billion to USD 180 billion. India attained 6th position in top 10 billionaires list. First place attained by United States with 515 ultra rich people. China attained 2nd position with 157 billionaires. 3rd place achieved by Germany with 148 billionaires followed by United Kingdom with 135 billionaires and Russia with 108 billionaires.

A Book on India’s Nuclear Energy Programme Resealed by Mr.Hamid Ansari

07.11.2013: A Book on India’s Nuclear Energy Programme Resealed by Mr.Hamid Ansari, Vice President of India. Name of this book is India’s Nuclear Energy Programme: Future Plans, Prospects and concerns. Book released at a function organised by INSA. This book was edited by Prof. R. Rajaraman.

High Security Measures against Poachers

07.11.2013: Assam Government has declared high security measures against poachers in Kaziranga National Park. NV Basu who is the Field Director of the park stated that 8 high security towers were kept in the park. These are known as Electronic Eye. These towers will give clear picture of the park even during the night times. It is essential during the night times as rampant poaching incident occurs in the night times.

Ministry of information and Broadcasting Instituted New Centenary Award

07.11.2013: Ministry of Information and Broadcasting announced the institution of a special award in the series of initiatives undertaken to commemorate the 100 years of Indian Cinema. Every year this award would be given to an outstanding Indian Film personality –A Film Icon for his or her contribution to Indian Cinema at IFFI.v

Google Celebrated 125th Birthday of CV Raman

07.11.2013: Google Celebrated 125th Birthday of CV Raman. CV Raman was a great scientist. He attained Nobel Prize in 1930 for Raman Effect. He was the first Asian and first non white person to receive Nobel Prize in sciences.