Current Affairs 13.07.2013


Current Affairs 13.07.2013

Two Indian got Youth Courage Award in United Nations on Malala Day

12.07.2013: United Nations celebrates Malala Day every year on 12th July 2013. On this occasion UN Special Envoy for Global Educations Youth courage Award for Education has given to two Indian women along with other 5 women. 7 women got this award. This award would be given for the courage of the Women. Name of to Indian are Raiza (15 years old) from Uttar Pradesh and Ashwini ( 21 years old from Bangalore).

Hemant Soren has taken the oath as CM of Jharkhand

13.07.2013: Ninth Chief Minister of Jharkhand is Hemant Soren. On 13th July 2013 he has taken the oath as new Chief Minister in Raj Bhavan. He is the son of Shibu Soren who is JMM Chief. Annapurna Devi along with Rajendra Prasad Singh has also taken oath as the ministers. He is fifth tribal to act as CM. Other tribal Chief Ministers are Shibu Soren, Babulal Marandi, Madu Koda, and Arjun Munda.

Shivkanya and Shisharan has joined in Samajwadi party

12.07.2013: Shivkanya who is the wife of Babu Singh Kushwaha (Uttar Pradesh Minister) and Shisharan who is the brother of Babu Singh Kushwaha has been joined into Samajwadi party. They have joined the party in party function conducted at Luck now. Babu Singh Kushwaha is well known to every one through the scam National Rural Health Mission. Amount of this scam is $ 10,000 crores.

Charon is the largest moon of Pluto

12.07.2010: NASA discovered that, Charon is the largest moon of Pluto. Pictures of Charon have taken from the distance of 885 million Kilometres .Charon was first discovered by James Christy in 1978. It is covered with ice.

Hamid Ansari released book of Garima Sanjay

12.07.2013: Garima Sanjay is the author the book Smritiyan. This was released by Hamid Ansari who is the Vice President of India. Sanjay is documentary film maker along with author. This book includes the general challenges of the life which can be fulfilled. Some people blame the luck. Through this book Sanjay stated that this is not fare to blame the luck.

Desecration of Guru Granth Sahib

12.07.2013: Group of Hindu people tore the Scriptures of Guru Granth Sahib. Sanjash Dhanja who is the president of Guru Granth Sahib Trust has demanded to punish the accused. Pakistan Hindu Sewa Welfare Trust also demanded the same. This incident has happened in Pano Aquil.

Mystery behind the Gur was revealed by Arun Malhotra

12.07.2013: Several decades old Mystery behind the Gur is revealed by Arun Malhotra. He is the Delhi film maker. Arun has taken 3 years to know the secret behind the oracle (Gur). He is well known for his documentary shoots. This will be soon shown in Discovery Channel. Time duration of this documentary is 200 minutes. It covers gurs of Naggar, Shuru, Batahar, and Hadimba.

Letter and Spirit will implement under Food Security scheme

12.07.2013: Sonia Gandhi has passed order to all the Chief Ministers of the state to start Letter and Spirit under Food Security Scheme. Through this scheme people will be provided food grains at low cost. This scheme targeted 82 crore people. Decision has taken at the time when Loksabha election polls of 2014 are preparing.