Current Affairs 24th July, 2015: IJGA World Stars Junior Gold won by Shubham Jaglan

Current Affairs 24th July, 2015: IJGA World Stars Junior Gold won by Shubham Jaglan

Suresh Narayanan is the New MD for Nestle India


24.07.2015: Nestle appointed Suresh Narayanan as the new managing director of the company after the Maggi scare. Its earlier MD Etinenne Benet will move to head office in Switzerland. Suresh Narayan who is the chief executive of the company in Philippines will take over on August 1.

Peter Higgs Receives Scientific Prize Royal Society’s Copley Medal

24.07.2015: The world’s oldest scientific prize Copley Medal is won by Peter Higgs for his contribution to particle physics. This Nobel Prize winner now joined people like Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin and Stephen Hawkins. Copley Medal is one of the oldest scientific prizes awarded by Royal Society. It was first awarded in 1731.

IJGA World Stars Junior Gold won by Shubham Jaglan

27.05.2015: IJGA World Stars of Junior Golf is won by Shubham Jaglan, the son of a milkman from Haryana. Shubham is only ten years old. He also won the Junior World Golf Championships in California recently.

All Women Trans Continental Road Expedition Flagged Off

24.07.2015: the first all women Trans continental road expedition is flagged off in Delhi. The expedition will be from Delhi to London. The expedition started from Dhyanchand Stadium of New Delhi. Nidhi Tiwari, Rashmi Koppar and Soumaya Goel are the participants. The expedition covers 15000 kms and will reach London via Myanmar, China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium and France.

GAVIS Acquired by Indian Drug Company Lupin

24.07.2015: Indian drug company Lupin took over GAVIS pharma and Novel Laboratories of US. These two are the generic companies and Lupin acquired them for 880 million US dollars. Lupin is planning to expand its business in US. GAVIS is an US based generic company that manufactures, packages, sells, markets and distributes the pharma products.

Forbes India Fabulous 50 List Released

24.07.2015: Forbes Asia’s fabulous 50 list 2015 is released. The company that topped the list is Tencent which is worth 176.5 billion US dollars. The biggest company is Lenovo with 46.3 US dollars revenue in 2014. The Indian companies listed are Aurobindo Pharma, HCL.HDFC, Sun Pharma and Tata Consultancy.