Samsung’s new ‘Smart Bangle’: Simply Gear or Something Different?


Samsung’s new ‘Smart Bangle’: Simply Gear or Something Different?

Samsung launched its Gear 2 smart watch and wearable devices in April. Now it has reportedly submitted a patent for a Smart Bangle. A few clues from the patent at Patently Mobile hint at Samsung planning its next big wearable device which could be a Smart Bangle. In all probability this may be an upgrade of the existing Samsung wearable devices. Nothing is sure yet.

Taipei: The design of the so-called Smart Bangle however appears different from the Gear 2. Its display appears to be bigger and definitely it seems to be capable of more functions including ewallet.

The designs therefore may be of the next generation wearable device, different from the Gear series. Samsung may have decided to launch an altogether new wearable device, not related to Gear in any manner. The patent design shows a moving, sliding display that features different apps in different positions among other innovations. It apparently has an ability to recognize wrist gestures as commands, view photos and maps by zooming. It recognizes the user’s face through a camera and unlocks automatically when the user looks at it. Samsung may be sailing on the wave of its popular wearables and may continue the trend until consumers start thinking that they actually need them.

Android Wear and Apple iWatch that are expected to come out later this year do not promise a big display. They have tiny screens that makes reading notifications a difficult task.

Patently Mobile said in a report that the patent for the Smart Bangle was filed by Samsung at the end of last year. It does not mean of course that

It will end up with the final product. The patent design shows a large curved screen that is activated with wrist and arm movements. It seems to sport touch-screen and can zoom to show maps and images. The design further suggests that the device could carry security settings like face-recognition. It also hints at various design options like flexible material, a bangle or even a handcuff-shaped device. The bangle may also have a cushion at the back for a comfortable fit.

It appears that Samsung is not sure of what its smart bangle should look like or do. The patent design includes many design ideas and features and no one is sure what the final product will be. Yet a wearable with a big curved screen appears to be interesting to look forward to.