Tefal Actifry Mini Fat Fryer launched: Actifry Mini is Compact

Tefal Actifry Mini Fat Fryer launched: Actifry Mini is Compact

Tefal has launched a smaller and faster version of its popular Actifry Mini that is suited for smaller kitchens. It takes smaller portions and occupies less space. Tefal Actifry is a low-fat fryer, taking in only one teaspoon of oil for chips for two. That ensures that additional fat content is three per cent considerably lower than a traditional deep fat fryer.

London: Tefal Actifry Mini is more compact than the Actifry that takes in 1 kg. It measures 270×390 mm but still takes in 600 gm. Besides chips the Actifry Mini can be used for stir fries, curries, chicken, sausages and more. Tefal claims that because of the new features airflow aerodynamics has improved, the process has speeded up by 25 per cent. It takes just 20 minutes for frying food. The Actifry Mini comes with a recipe book with lots of suggestions for easy use. It costs 169.95 pounds.

Actifry Mini

The earlier version of Tefal Actifry is a bulkier and a more time consuming gadget. But it had been a success mainly because of less oil consumption. Only a teaspoon of oil is required for 1 kg of potato chips. In fact anything to do with deep fry, especially potato chips, French fries and the likes comes out well that too with almost no oil. The result is just as fresh and chunky as in traditional deep fry implements.

Tefal Actifry looks impressive with a plastic body, non-stick bowl and a flip up handle. Functioning too is simple. It has to be just plugged in and the timer has to be set before pushing the go button. But the senior Actifry measuring 32x26x32 mm, takes up more space than a toaster and kettle combined. But the main advantage is healthier chips of all kinds.

The key to Actifry is the non-stick bowl with a paddle that rotates slowly during cooking. Each chip is coated with oil and ensured that it is evenly cooked. A fan blower generates heat instantly, requiring no pre-heat. The device comes with a recipe book that has detailed instructions for each food item.