Expectation Of Dhurava Natchathiram Ends In Conflict

Expectation Of Dhurava Natchathiram Ends In Conflict

Expectation Of Dhurava Natchathiram Ends In Conflict

Every fan of Tamil cinema cannot forget the combo action of suriya and gautam vasudevmenon , The stylish director has done a extraordinary work in his films which made Tamil cinema to the next level.

New Delhi: After the stunning victory of the Action pact thriller stories like kaka kaka, vettaidu vilayadu, Gautam planned to hit a movie in this genre with his close hearted friend Suriya, who can suits best for his movie.

The two buddies had a thorough friendship and trust on them which made suriya to have the one line of the story and they officially announced the title DHURUVA NATCHATHIRAM. As soon as they released the name, the Fans expectation was shook up to the max. Due to the high expectation of the film the rumors and the critics started burning out.

At last suriya by him-self came up with the statement stating that the film is dropped out. On his recent interviews he said that he is moving out of the film as the director not ready to reveal the story after a long awaited six months. As suriya norms of selecting the film based on the full length story. This made the both actors turn to be in disputes.

When the misunderstanding arises, both minds of actor and director are in high contradiction. This made suriya to come up with the press statement stating that the Film DHURVA NATCHATHIRAM is not going to be the suriya next flick. He is ready for the shoot ace director linguswamy untitled film.

Gautam is not ready to reveal anything about this movie. He embarrassed this act of suriya and stating that he should have done with little privacy without any media interrogations. Expectations of Dhurva natchachtiram is still high and let us hope for the best combo from them.

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