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Vrindavan is a town in Mathura district of Uttar Pradesh, India. Vrindavan is derived from the word Vrinda which means Tulsi. This place was having plenty of Tulsi plants. Two small groves of Vrinda still exists namely Seva Kunj and Nidhivan. According to Hindu Mythology, Lord Krishna spent his childhood place in this town. This place is famous for temples.


Ancient name of this town is Brindavana. In 1515, this place was rediscovered by Chaitanya Maharprabu when he was in search of places relating to Lord Krishna. Plenty of Ashrams are located here. Loi Bazaar is the best shopping place of Vrindavan. Cloths, Incense, fruits, handicrafts are worth buying in this place. Necklaces, Finger rings, Paintings, Portraits, Sculptures with the image of Lord Krishna can be seen here.


What to see in Vrindavan:

ISKCON Temple: This is the first temple constructed by ISKCON. It was built by Swami Prabhupada in 1966. This was established with the intension to spread Vedic scriptures and teachings of Bhagawad Gita.

Bankey Bihari Temple: In this temple posture of Tribhanga of Lord Krishna can be seen. During Jhulan yatra, Lord Krishna is placed in golden swing. For every few minutes curtain of the temple arises and shut down. It is believed that power of the god seems for the long time devotees will be unconscious.

Madan Mohan Temple: It is one of the oldest temples of this place. Lord Madan Gopal worshipped here. Aurangzeb shifted main deity to Karauli in Rajasthan. Only replica can be seen here.

Yamuna River: This River considered as Holy River as it flows from Mathura and Vrindavan. To purify from the sins, devotees take bath in this river.

Prem Mandir: This is two storied temple which was constructed with Italian Marble. Fountains are the major attractions of this place.

Seva Kunj and Nidhuban: In this place Lord Krishna Performed Raslila with Radha. It is believed that Krishna comes to this place during the night time. So entry restricted in the night.

Kesi Ghat: It is located near the banks if Yamuna River. It is believed that after killing demon Kesi, Lord Krishna had taken bath here.

Rangaji Temple: It is Dravidian style structure. Temple is dedicated to Lord Rangaji. Major attractions are six storey long gopuram, gold plated 50ft high Dhwaja Stambha.

Shahji Temple: This temple is known for beautiful sculpture and architecture. Another attraction of this place is Darbar Hall. This consists of beautiful paintings along with Belgian glass chandeliers.


What to see around Vrindavan:

Gokul: It is located 15kms away from Vrindavan. Gokul Nathji Temple is most famous at this place. Lord Krishna was brought up in secrecy here by his foster parents.

Government Museum: It is located in Mathura which is 11kms away from Vrindavan. Major attraction of this museum is Red sandstone sculptures. Another attraction is two Buddha statues belong to 4th and 5th centuries.

Mathura: It is located 10kms away from Vrindavan. It is the birth place of Lord Krishna.


Getting to Vrindavan: Vrindavan is well connected with road and railways. From Agra, Mathura, Haridwar etc buses come to this place. At Vrindavan railway station all trains do not stop. Nearest railway station is located at Mathura which is 14kms away from Vrindavan. Taxis are available from Mathura to Vrindavan. Nearest airport is located at Delhi i.e Indira Gandhi International Airport which is 150kms away from Vrindavan.


Getting around Vrindavan: Cycle rickshaws are available to visit the place in the city. Buses and Taxis are available to visit the surrounding places of Vrindavan.


Best time to visit Vrindavan: Best time to visit this place is between October to March.


Where to stay in Vrindavan: Limited staying options in Vrindavan. Best option to stay at this place is ISKCON temple guest houses. Plenty of accommodations are available at Mathura.


Where to eat in Vrindavan: Limited options to eat in Vrindavan. Best vegetarian food available at Govindas Restaurant. Lassi and Jal Jeera drink are most famous at this place.

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