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Mahanandi is located on Nallamala Hills near Nandyal, Kurnool district, Andhra Pradesh, India. Thick forest surrounds this village. Mahanandi is one of the Nava Nandi’s. All other Nava Nandis surrounds this place. Maha Shivaratri festival celebrates so grandly during February and March.


What to see at Mahanandi:

Mahanandi Temple: This is the major attraction of this place. This temple is dates back to 1500 years old. Other name of this temple is Mahanandiswara Swamy Temple. 10th century inscriptions can be seen on this temple. This temple was rebuilt for several times.


One legend of this place is Once Nanda one of the kings of Nandyal wants to perform Abhishekam to lord Shiva. So he asked to send cow milk to the kingdom. Every day all the people were pouring milk but only one cowherd boy is coming empty. King wants to know the reason so he followed that boy. Cow is giving milk at one ant’s hill. When boy observed that king is seeing him he disappeared and cow in its hurry trampled the ant hill. At that time hoops of the cow are deeply marked on the ant hill. Lord Shiva came in the dream of the king and asked to worshipped him at this place.

Pools: Other attractiosn of this place are pools. Fresh water pools are located at Mahanandiswara Swamy temple premises. Other names of these pools are Pushkarni and Karyani. There are three pools at this place. One big pool is located inside the temple and other two small pools are located at the entrance of the temple. Water source of big pool is originates at the Garbhagruha. It is just below Swayambhu Linga. Visitors can touch the water near Shivalingam. Water source will be constant irrespective of the Change of season.


What to see around Mahanandi:

Prathama Nandi: It is located very near to Nandyal railway station which is 19kms away from Mahanandi. This is situated upon a high soil base.

Naga Nandi: It is located near Nandyal Bus stand. This Nandi is situated inside the Anjaneya temple which is 18kms away from Mahanandi.

Soma Nandi: This is also situated in Nandyal town. It is located near Jagajanani temple.

Surya Nandi: It is located at Kadamala Village which is 10kms from Mahanandi. Chalukya Architecture can be seen on this temple.

Vishnu Nandi: It is located 2kms before Mahanandi. Other name of this nandi is Krishna Nandi.

Garuda Nandi: It is located at the entrance of Mahanadi.

Vinayaka Nandi: It is a small temple located to the left of exit Gopuram of Mahanandi.

Nandyal: It is located 18kms away from Mahanandi. This is a major center of trade, industries, education and commerce. It is the gateway to Mahanandi, Srisailam and Belum Caves.

Rollapadu Bird Sanctuary: It is dry thorny forest. This is covered with groundnut, cereal crops, Castor and Cotton. Major attractions of this place are Indian bustards, Indian cobras, wolves, Jackals etc. It is lcoaed 59kms away from Mahanandi.


Getting to Mahanandi: Only way to reach this place is by road. From srisailam, Nandyal buses come to this place regularly. Nearest railway station is located at Nandyal. From all the major cities trains come to this place. Nearest airport is lcoaed at Hyderabad.


Getting around Mahanandi: Cars, Buses are available to visit the surrounding places of Mahanandi.


Best time to visit Mahanandi: Mahanandi welcome the visitors throughout the year. But summer is too hot.


Where to stay in Mahanandi: Only budget hotels are available to stay at Mahanandi. Along with budget hotels AP Tourism hotel is also available to stay at Mahanandi.


Where to eat in Mahanandi: Only few restaurants are available at this place to have food. Luxurious hotels and restaurants cannot be seen here.

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