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Roopkund is also known as Mystery Lake. It is located in chamoli district of Uttarakhand, India. At the edge of the lake visitors can see hundreds of human skeletons. No one does not know how these skeletons come to this lake edge when the snow melts. So this place is known as Mystery Lake. Existence of these skeletons found dates back to 9th century. This lake is also known as Skeleton lake.


What to see at Roopkund: This place is famous among the natural lovers and for trekking lovers. Major trekking basis of this Roopkund are Nanda Ghunti and Trisul. Nanda Ghunti height is 6310 meters and Height of Trisul is 7120 meters. Major festival celebrates at this place is Bedni Bugyal. This festival celebrates during autumn season. All nearby villagers participate in this festival. Nanda Devi Raj Jat is the larger celebration of this place. This celebrates once in every 12 years. At that time Goddess Nanda is worshipped. This river covered with snow most of the year. Journey toward this lake is a memorable experience.


For trekking to Roopkund, there are different routes. One is travel to Lohajung or wan by road. Then Climb hill rock and reach Ran Ki Dhar. Other trekking place is at Bedni Bugyal. At that place visitors can see grounds for sheeps, horses and mules. Other places to visit at this place are a small lake and two temples. Closer view of Trisul peaks is possible from Bedni Bugyal. Landslides and waterfalls can also be seen at Bedni.


What to see around Roopkund:

Gopeshwar: Temples are the major attractions of this place. Gauchar fair is most famous fair in this area. Gopeshwar Attractions are Gopinath Temple, Snow covered hill, Mountain climbing, Trekking, Anasuya Devi Temple, Tungnath Temple. Other attractions of this town of this town are mountain climbing and trekking.

Auli: This is most popular winter destination of Uttarakhand. From this place visitors can have best view of the Himalayan Mountain range.

Badrinath: Major attraction of this town is Badrinath Temple. Badrinath Attractions are Badrinath Temple, Tapt Kund, Surya Kund, Charanpaduka, Brahma Kapal, Narada Kund.

Joshimath: It is one among the 4 Peeths (centres). This is most sacred place to the Hindus. It was established by Adi Shankaracharya.

Valley of Flowers: Major attractions of this place are Pristine air, snow clad peaks, milky white streams, meadows and alpine shrubs.

Vasudhara Falls: It is located 7kms away from Badrinath. These falls look like milk when it is falling. It is located in Mana Village. If visitors of this place are not pure at heart, these falls will turn away.

Yogadhyan Badri: It is located 13kms away from Badrinath. It is believed that Father of Pandavas meditated here. This is the birth place of Pandavas.


Getting to Roopkund: Lohajang Pass is the starting point of the trekking. This Lohajang Pass is well connected by motorable roads. Lohajang is located in Chamoli district. Visitors have to reach to Lohajang to go to Roopkund. Lohajang has to be reach from old Delhi station. Some kickup vehicles are available from Kathogadam railway station.


Getting around Roopkund: Buses and Taxis are available to reach the surrounding places of Roopkund from Lohajang.


Best time to visit Roopkund: Best time to visit Roopkund is between May to June and September to October.


Where to stay in Roopkund: GMVN guest house is available in Wan. In the remaining trekking routes tourists have to carry their own camping tents.


Where to eat in Roopkund: No eateries are available at Roopkund. It is advisable to carry ample food.

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