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Vidisha is the administrative headquarters of Vidisha district in Madhya Pradesh. During the medieval period this Vidisha is known as Bhilsa. Most attractive place for the tourists is Udaygiri Caves. Earlier name of Vidisha place was Besnagar. In the 3rd century this place dominated by Mauryans. Besnagar was destroyed during 7th century. After that Vidisha came into existence. This place is famous for historical monuments.


What to see in Vidisha:

Bijamandal: This was established in Paramara Period. It is unfinished temple. Unfinished architecture and carved niches can be seen in this place.

Lohang Pir: Shayak Jalal Chishti tomb is placed here. This rock structure tomb is known as Lohang Pir. Lohang Pir is dates back to 1460 BC. Now Annapurna temple was constructed here.

Helidorus Pillars: These pillars are popularly known as Khamba Baba. It is named after Greek ambassador Helidorus. He invented this place during 2nd century BC. Local fisherman worshipped this pillar. This pillar is dedicated to Lord Krishna. Sculptures of Garuda are most famous here.

Udaygiri Caves: Vidisha is famous for these caves. In total there are 14 caves. These caves are famous for architectural structures. War sculpture of God Skanda along with excellent architectures can be seen in Cave 3. Carved Shiva Lingam is famous in Cave 4. In Cave 5, Lord Vishnu and Varaha incarnation are most attractive to see here. Images of Goddess Durga, Lord Ganesha, Siva Gangadhara, and Lord Vishnu are located in Cave 6. Lord Vishnu sculptures are most attractive in Cave 13. All the caves are worth seeing for architectural splendours.


What to see around Vidisha:

The Great Bowl: It is used to distribute food to the monks. This bowl is made out of the single stone. It is located 68 kms away from Vidisha.

Bajramath Temple: In this temple 3 shrines of Jain Idols can be seen here. This place is located in Gyaraspur Tehsil which is 40kms away from Vidisha.

Sanchi: It is situated 10 kms away from Vidisha. This place is most sacred for Buddhist religion people. 3rd and 12th century monuments can be seen here. 3 stupas in Sanchi are most famous. These are oldest stupas in India.


Getting to Vidisha: This place is well connected with road ways and railways. Buses to this place are so rush. Taxis are the best option to visit this place. From places such as Bhopal, Varanasi, Amritsar, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi trains are available. Nearest airport is at Bhopal which is 56 kms away from Vidisha. Bhopal is well connected through airlines from different places such as Chennai, Indore, Delhi, Hyderabad, and Mumbai.


Getting around Vidisha: Tempos and Tangos are available to see Udaygiri caves. Surrounding places can visit by taxis and autos.


Best time to visit Vidisha: Knowing climatic conditions before visiting any place is essential for the tourists to avoid inconvenience. Between October to March temperature is so pleasant in Vidisha. So it is considered as the best time to visit this place.


Where to stay in Vidisha: Very limited places are available to stay in Vidisha. Only budget hotels are available. Due to this most of the tourists prefer to stay in Bhopal. Best hotels in Vidisha are Suraksha Hotel and Sharad Lodge.


Where to eat in Vidisha: Very limited places to eat in Vidhisha. Fancy restaurants cannot be seen here. Chhole, Puri Sabzi are most famous here.

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