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Bihar, North India, Champaran district, History, Nature, Temple, Valley, Water falls, Wildlife Sanctuary

Valmiki is situated in Champaran district of Bihar. This place is most famous for Valmiki National Park. Area covered by this reserve is 880.78 Sq.kms. In 1989 this was declared as National Park. This is the second Tiger Reserve in Bihar and 18th tiger reserve in India. Area of this reserve extended to 880 Sq.Kms in 1990. This national park is named after Valmiki Nagar. This is a small village situated in 5kms away from this national park.


What to see in Valmiki Tiger Reserve: Valmiki national Park has sal forest, swamp forest and alluvial grasslands. Major attraction of this reserve are Tigers, , Sloth bears, Wolves, deer, peafowl, Pythons, Leopards, wild dogs, Jungle Cats, Nilgai, Hyenas, Sambar. Major reptile attractions of this place are Sand boa, banded Krait, Krait, King Cobra, and Cobra. Birds that can be seen in this reserve are Emerald Dove, Pied horn bill, tree Pipit, Pitta, Green barbet, Plovers, Green willow Warbler etc. Different kinds of Butterflies, Caterpillars, Moths are also can be seen in this reserve. In this reserve two reserve flow. They are Masan and Gandak rivers. Places near this river are the best spot for the photographers.


What to see around Valmiki Tiger Reserve:

Someshwar Fort: This is one of the nearby attractions of the reserve which is located 8kms away from the reserve. It is situated on Someshwar Hill. It is in ruin stage but original walls of the fort can be seen.

Valmiki Ashram: It is located 7kms away from the reserve. This is situated very near to Nepal India Border. At this ashram, there are few preserved sites and articles of epic Ramayana can be seen. This place is considered as the birth place of Lvu and Kush who are sons of Lord Rama. Major attractions of this site are Vishnu Chakra, Horse stable, Hawan Kund, Amrit Kuan, Meditation place of sage Valmiki, dining place where Sita used to have food.

Bawan Garhi: This place is located very near to the reserve. Via roadway visitors can reach to this place very easily. This place refers to 52 forts that are situated in the state of Bihar. It is just 5kms away from the reserve.

Lion Pillar: It is situated in Lauriya Nandangarh. It is single block of sandstone. This pillar belongs to 2000 years old. Height is 10feet.

Other attractions near Valmiki Tiger Reserve: Other attractions near Valmiki Tiger Reserve are Nardevi Temple, Kaleshwar Temple, and Jatashankar Temple. These are located within 5kms of the reserve.


Getting to Valmiki Tiger Reserve: Only way to reach this place is by road. Private Vehicles, Local buses and autos are available to reach this place. Nearest bus stand is at Bettiah. From all the important place of Bihar, buses come to this place. Nearest Railway station is at Valmikinagar which is 10kms away from the reserve. Patna airport is the nearest airport which is 260kms away from the reserve.


Getting around Valmiki Tiger Reserve: Best way to see the park is Jungle Safaris. These are provided by Forest department. Buses, Taxis are available to visit the surrounding places of Tiger Reserve.


Best time to visit Valmiki Tiger Reserve: It is essential to know the best time to visit any location beforehand to avoid inconvenience. Best time to visit Valmiki Tiger Reserve is between November to February.


Where to stay in Valmiki Tiger Reserve: Very limited accommodations are available to stay in this tiger reserve. Near Gandhi Nagar, Budget and Midrange hotels are available. On the National Highway 64 also few budget and midrange hotels are available. Few Rest houses are being maintained by Irrigation department in the tiger reserve.

Where to eat in Valmiki Tiger Reserve: Only snacks are available inside the tiger reserve. Food cannot be seen in this reserve. Valmiki Nagar is the nearest village to Valmiki Tiger Reserve. Home stays are available in Valmiki Nagar. These Home stays provide best quality food to the visitors of Valmiki Tiger Reserve.

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