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Saputara is the only hill station in Gujarat. Meaning of Saputara is Abode of Serpents. It is located on the banks of river Sarpagana. On the Holi day prayers conducts to the images of Snake which are situated at the banks of river Sarpagana. Climate in Saputara is very cool throughout the year. This is the best place for natural lovers. Several sanctuaries, parks, gardens are located here. Popular activity here is trekking. Best places for trekking trail are Tridhara and Rajat Pratap.


Along with Swaminarayan Temple several Jain Temples and Nageshwar Mahadev temple are famous in Saputara. Lake Gardens, Rose Gardens, Step Gardens are major attractions to natural lovers. Most popular tourist attraction is Pushpak Ropeway. Different cultures such as Warli, Kunbi and Bhil are followed by the tribal communities here. Tribal houses are made up of Bamboo and Wood. Grishm Mahotsav is most popular festival celebrates for 3 days.


What to see in Saputara:

Saputara Lake: It is located at the heart of Saputara Valley. This is considered as best picnic spot. Row Boats and Paddle Boats are available.

Sunrise Point: This is also known as Valley View Point. Of the entire valley view this point is considered as best view.

Sunset Point: Dang forests can be seen from this place. Other name of this place is Gandhi Shikhar.

Pushpak Ropeway: This is the major attraction to the tourists. It takes the tourists above the valleys and hills. This is the best place to see surrounding place of the city.

Vandsa National Park: This is the residence place to several animals such as four horned antelope, Python, Leopard, spot tigers etc…


What to see around Saputara:

Purna Wildlife sanctuary: It is situated 60 Kms away from Saputara. Entire area is covered with bamboo glades. Tourists can have exciting walking in this sanctuary. Trekking activity is the best activity here.

Hatgad Fort: It is very ancient Fort located in Mulher, Nasik district, Maharashtra. At the peak of the Sahyadri ranges best architecture can be seen by the visitors of this place. From the top of this place one can view Suragana which is nearest village. It is located 6 kms away from Saputara.

Gira Falls: This is another major attraction to the tourists. Botanical gardens are located near this water falls. Forest department conduct camps in this place. Other name of this place is Gira Dhodh. It is located 49 kms away from Saputara.

Waghai: This place is famous for hot springs and Unnai Mata Temple. People believe that hot springs are the treatment to chronic diseases. It is located 68 kms away from Saputara.


Getting to Saputara: Only way to reach this place is Roadway. Nearest Railway station is located at Waghai. Nearest airport is located at Surat. From all the cities of Gujarat and Mumbai, government buses are available to this place.


Getting around Saputara: To reach Sunset Point, Cable cars are available. Buses and Jeeps are available to reach the surrounding areas.


Best time to visit Saputara: Extreme climates cannot be seen in this place. Climate is so pleasant throughout the year. Best time to visit this place is March to Middle of November.


Where to stay in Saputara: Unique construction of Forest log huts are most attractive to stay in Saputara. State Forest department is maintaining these huts. Living in these huts is the great experience to the tourists. Apart from these huts several hotels including luxury hotels are available to stay in this place.


Where to eat in Saputara: Across the city one can find Golas, Sodas and Nimbu Paani. Best Guajarati Thali is available in all the restaurants. Very few restaurants offer Chinese, Punjabi and north Indian food.

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