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Porbandar is located in Gujarat. This is a birth place of Father of Nation, Mahatma Gandhi. It is believed that this is the birth place of Sudama who is the best friend of Lord Sri Krishna. So this place is also named as Sudamapuri. During the regime of British, Marathas, Mughals this city acted as best trade centre. In those days trade activities are regularly done with East African, Aab and Persian countries. From 16th century BC to 14th century BC Harappa Civilisation dominated this place. This place is considered as home to Harappa Civilisation.


During 16th century it was an independent state which was ruled by Jethwa Rajputs. After independence it was merged into Kathiawar. Later it became part of Gujarat. This is the best place for shopping lovers also. Bandhani Work textiles are most famous in this place. Several Silver jewellery, Mirror works, terracotta figures, iron items, brass items, clay items are available. Best markets in Porbandar are located at kedareswar Road and Sudama Road.


What to see in Porbandar:

Huzoor Palace: A Water fountain in this palace attracts the visitors. European style of work can be noticed here. This was built during 20th century by Rana Natwarsinhji.

Porbandar Bird Sanctuary: This is best place for natural lovers. Several species of birds such as Herons, ibis, Spoon Bills, Geese, Ducks, Pelicans are most attractive to the visitors. In 1988 this was declared as bird Sanctuary.

Porbandar Beach: Other name of this beach is Chowpatti. It is the venue of annual Janmastami fair.

Krishna Sudama Temple: It is believed that persons who enter into this temple will be wiped off their sins. This is the only temple dedicated to Sudama who is the best friend of Lord Krishna. Some people say that this temple is dedicated to the friendship between Sudama and Lord Krishna.

Kirti Temple: This mandir is dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi, Father of Nation and Kasturiba Gandhi. Old paintings of Kasturiba and Mahatma Gandhi are most attractive to the visitors.


What to see around Porbandar:

Harshad Mata Temple: This is most ancient temple located on koyla Hill. It is believed that every day morning Harshad Mata make the king of Minalpur alive and roast him and eat. This temple looks like Navlakha Temple which was constructed by Chalukya Dynasty. It is situated 45 kms away from Porbandar.

Barda Hills Wild Life Sanctuary: This is the home place to several birds and animals. Spotted deer crocodile, Chinkaras, Lions are major animal species placed here. Most attractive bird species here are Hawk Eagle, Spotted eagle. Area covered by this sanctuary is 192 sq.kms. It is located 45 kms away from Porbandar.


Getting to Porbandar: This place is well connected though Road, Railways and Air ways. From several cities like Vadodara, Ahmadabad, Rajkot, Mumbai both bus and train facility are available. Airport of Porbandar is connected to Diu and Mumbai.


Getting around Porbandar: For sightseeing private vehicles, autos, taxis, cars are available to tourists.


Best time to visit Porbandar: Few visitors see the weather conditions to visit the places. For those people best time to visit this place is between October to March.


Where to stay in Porbandar: Best midrange hotels are available at Cross Road and MG Road. Near airport and Hospital Road luxury hotels are located. Plenty of affordable hotels are available all over the city.


Where to eat in Porbandar: Most of restaurants serve vegetarian and Gujarati Cuisine. Whereas some restaurant provide best varieties of sea food along with other varieties of non vegetarian food.

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