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Uttarakhand, North India, Caves, Hill station, History, Skiing, Tea Garden, Temple, Trekking, Valley, Wildlife Sanctuary

Pithoragarh is a city in Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand, India. From this place visitors can have the spectacular views of Nanda Kot, Nanda Devi and Panch Chulhi snow capped peaks. Forts and temples are the major attraction of this place. People of this place celebrate most of the festivals related to Harvest. Famous festivals of this place are Chaittol, Hill Jatra. Other celebrations of this place are Lacchar Fair, Dhanlek Fair, Chipla Jat, and Nanda Devi Fair. Adventurous sports such as Trekking and Skiing are other attractions of this place.


What to see in Pithoragarh:

Pithoragarh Fort: This was built in 1789 by Gorkhas. At present this is in ruins stage. Kali Kumaon is most visible from this place.

Patal Bhuvaneswar: This is a cave temple situated at the height of 1350meters. It is believed that there are 33crore Hindu Gods and Goddesses are placed here.

Chaukori: This place is famous for Tea Gardens and Temples. Nandakot and Nanda Devi peaks can have a best view from this place. This place is also known as Heaven of Kumaon.


What to see around Pithoragarh:

Nagmandir of Berinag: Berinag village is famous for Nag Temple. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is located 1km away from the city. This place is surrounded by Ravine and tree clusters.

Kapilaswar Cave: It is located 3kms away from the town. Mahadev is worshipped here. It is believed that Muni Kapil, meditated in these caves. To see the deity, visitors have to travel 10meters distance in the cave. Just 0.5km away from this cave Temple of Rai can be seen here.

Chandak: It is located 8kms away from Pithoragarh. This place is famous for Manu Temple. Northern part of this place is having Soar Valley. This valley provides trekking facility. Hang glinding is other attraction of this place.

Dhwaj Temple: It is located 10kms away from the town. Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Maa Jayanti. This is the perfect place to view Himalayas.

Nakuleshwara: It is located 10kms away from the town. This temple was built by Nakula and Sahadev (last two Pandavas). Lord Shiva is worshipped here. Based on the Khajuraho style architecture of this temple is designed. Major architecture images are Kurma, Nauvarga, Mahisasur Mardini, Surya, Uma Vasudev, Narsingha etc.

Thal Kedar: This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is located 15kms away from the town. This place is known for its scenic beauty. Trekking is other attraction of this place.

Askot Sanctuary: In the landscape plenty of temples are located. It is situated 54kms away from the city. Major attraction of this place is Chukors, Snow Leopards, Chirs, Snow Cocks, Musk Deers etc.

Gangolihat: This place is known for ancient myths and rich culture folks. Shakti Peeth was established by Shankaracharya in this place at Mahakali Temple. Other attractions of this place are Hatkalika Fair and Kalika Temple. It is located 77kms away from the city.


Getting to Pithoragarh: Pithoragarh is well connected with road ways. From the cities such as Lohaghat, Tanakpur, Almora, Munsiyari etc buses come to this place. Nearest railway station is located at Kathgodam. From Dehradun, Kolkata, Jammu etc trains come to this place. Nearest airport is located at Pantnagar. This airport is well connected with Delhi. This airport is located 450kms away from the city.


Getting around Pithoragarh: Private Vehicles are used to visit the surrounding places of Pithoragrah.


Best time to visit Pithoragarh: Best time to visit this place is between March to June and from September to December.


Where to stay in Pithoragarh: Limited accommodations are available to stay in Pithoragarh. Only budget and midrange hotels are available to stay. Almost all the hotels are allocated near tourists sports. KMVN rest house is also available.


Where to eat in Pithoragarh: Very limited restaurants are available to eat in this city. All the restaurants serve Continental, Chinese and Indian Cuisines.

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