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Pattadakal is a town located in Bagalkot district of Karnataka State. This place is popularly known as City of the Crown Rubies. In 1987 it was declared as World Heritage Site. Earlier name of this place is known as Kisuvolal. Jain Sanctuaries and Hindu temple Temples are most famous in Pattadakal. Few temples in Pattadakal are built in Nagara Style and few are constructed in Dravidian Style. Nandi in Pattadakal is another major attraction in Pattadakal. Mallikarjuna Temple Festival, Virupaksha Temple, 3days dance festival which is organised by Karnataka Government, Chalukya Utsava are the most famous festivals in Pattadakal.


What to see in Pattadakal:

Virupaksha Temple: After Vikramaditya won in the war against Pallavas, Vikramaditya’s wife expressed her happiness by construed this temple. Major attractions of this temple are Sculptures of Lingodhbhava, Ravananugraha, Nataraja, and Ugranarasimha.

Sangameswara Temple: It is considered as one of the oldest temples in India. This was constructed between 696 AD and 733 AD. Roof and temple hall are similar to Virupaksha Temple. It was constructed in Dravidian Style.

Mallikarjuna Temple: This temple looks like Virupaksha Temple. It was constructed after the construction of Virupaksha Temple. During 7th century this was built by 2nd queen of King Vikramaditya. Her name is Triloyamahadevi.

Papanatha Temple: In this temple 16 massive pillars are supporting the ceiling of the main temple. This is an extraordinary place to see. On the ceilings of the temple, Sculptures of Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva can be seen.

Kadasiddhesvara and Jambulingeswara Temples: These temples are popularly known as twin temples. These two temples are dedicated to Lord Shiva and these are constructed in 7th century AD. Jambulingeswara Temple was constructed in Nagara Style of Architecture.

Jain Temple: This temple was constructed by Rashtrakutas of Manyakheta in Dravidian Style. It was built in 9th century. Jain Temple is famous for unique Sculptures and Idols.

Museum of the plains and Sculptures Gallery: Archaeological Survey of India is supervising this museum. It is located in Bhutanatha Temple road. Ancient era’s rare Scriptures and sculptures can be seen in this temple.


What to see around Pattadakal:

Galganatha Temple: It is located in Bagalkot. This temple was constructed in 8th century AD. Sculptures of Sanctum with Shiva Linga, Shukanasa and Navaranga are most worth seeing. It is located 11kms away from Pattadakal.

Badami: It is located 22kms away from Pattadakal. Main attractions of Badami are Badami Fort, Cave Temples, Agastya Lake, Bhoothnatha Temple, and Archaeological Museum.

Durga Temple: It is located in Aihole which is 13kms away from Pattadakal. This was constructed in 7th century.

Ravana Phadi Cave: This was built in 6th century. It is the oldest rock cut temple. Carved pillars are major attraction of the temple. It is located 11kms away from Pattadakal.

Lad Khan Temple: It is located 23kms away from Pattadakal. It is the oldest temple constructed by Chalukya Kings in 5th century. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva.


Getting to Pattadakal: This place is well connected with Roadways. From cities such as Bidar, Bangalore, Bijapur buses are available. Nearest railway station is located at Hubli which is 127kms away from Pattadakal. Belgium is the nearest airport.


Getting around Pattadakal: Tango’s, buses, autos are available to visit the places surrounding Pattadakal.


Best time to visit Pattadakal: Best time to visit this place is between October to March.


Where to stay in Pattadakal: Plenty of accommodations are available starting from budget hotels to luxury hotels. Best hotel in Pattadakal is Badami Court.


Where to eat in Pattadakal: Plenty of restaurants are available. South Indian, Continental, North Indian cuisines are available to eat.

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