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Palampur is green hill station in Himachal Pradesh. This place is surrounded by Pine Forests and Tea Gardens. Town name is derived from the word Pulum which means Lots of water. Most of the tourists attracts this place to see water falls and greenery. Beauty of this place cannot be described. On one side of this hill station beautiful plains are situated and on the other side of the hill station visitors can see snow covered hills. This place is covered with tea plantation.


Palampur is the best place to enjoy during the summer seasons for the natural lovers. Most famous activity is trekking. Dr.Jameson first started tea plantation in this place and established this place as town. Most famous and worth buying are wooden handicrafts, carpets, Tibetian Handicrafts. Holy is the major festival celebrates here.


What to see in Palampur:

Neugal Khad: It is one of the most attractive places in Palampur. Visitors of this place feel that this the best place to spend the time in the evenings. Other name is Bundla Chasm.

Tashi Jong Monastery: This monastery belongs to Tibetan refugees. Beautiful garden is placed in the surrounding of temple. It is the best place to view Kangra valley. This complex consists of crafts emporium. They are placed here for sale. On both sides of the main garden prayer halls are situated.

Saurabh Van Vihar: It is a beautiful garden named after Captain Saurabh Kalia. Area covered by this garden is 35 acres. To provide information to the tourists on nature and environment, Van Vihar is set up by Himachal Pradesh Forest Department.

Tea Gardens: In this place visitors can learn the process of making the tea from the factories. Palampur is also known as Tea Capital of North West India.

Bundlamata Temple: This temple is one of the major attractions in the village. This was built during 5th century.


What to see around Palampur:

McLeod Ganj: Tsuglakhang Complex is most attractive place in Mcleod Ganj. It is the seat of spiritual leader Dalai Lama. It is located 38 kms away from Palampur.

Andretta: It is located 12kms away from Palampur. Other name of Andretta is Artist’s Village. Major attractions of this place are Kangra Miniature Paintings, Norah Richard’s house paintings, Shobha Singh Art Gallery. Andretta Pottery and crafts society teaches how to make different type of crafts and pot making.

Gopalpur Zoo: This is also known as Dhauladhar National Park. Large variety of Flora and Fauna species can be seen here. It is located 13 kms away from Palampur. Major attractions of the zoo are red fox, Black bear, spotted deer etc…

Other places to visit near Palampur: Bir and Billing, Dharmasala, Kangra, Chamunda Devi Temple, Al Hilal, Naam Art Gallery, Brijeshwari Temple, Baijinath Temple.


Getting to Palampur: Only way to reach this place is road way. From the cities like Dharmasala, Pathankot, Mandi buses are available. Nearest Railway station is located at Pathankot. Nearest airport is located at Dharmasala.


Getting around Palampur: Taxis and auto’s are available to visit the surrounding places of Palampur. Autos do not run on meters. So auto fair has to be decided beforehand.


Best time to visit Palampur: Best time to visit this place is between February to November. During winter season visitors can enjoy snow fall. Summer season is pleasant for trekking activity.


Where to stay in Palampur: Limited hotels are available to stay here. Cottages and budget hotels are located in Chandpur tea estate. Very limited luxury hotels are also located here.


Where to eat in Palampur: Very limited and small restaurants are located here. Chinese dishes are most popular to serve. Other dishes available here are Continental and Indian dishes.

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