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MP, Central India, Caves, Hill station, History, Nature, Temple, Valley, Water falls, Wildlife Sanctuary

Pachmarhi is a hill station in Central India. This place is also known as Queen of Satpura Ranges. It is an important cantonment area for the army people. Pachmarhi is famous for temples, ancient caves, surging waterfalls, Thick cover of greenery. Highest trekking point is Dhupgarh. This place is located in Pachmarhi. Near Pachmarhi visitors can enjoy dense sal forest, Jamun Orchards and peaceful forest basins. Artifacts belongs to 8000 BC are located here. This is a famous honeymoon spot for the honeymoon couple. Shivrathri is most famous festival here. At Mahadeo Caves, a fair conducts during Mahashivrathri. Lakhs of tourists come to see this fair.


What to see in Pachmarhi:

Waterfalls: This place is famous for plenty of waterfalls. Silver falls, Duchess Falls, Vanshree Vihar falls, Apsara Vihar, Bees falls are most famous in Pachmarhi.

Mahadeo Hills: This place is famous for the temples of Lord Shiva.

Pandava Caves: It is believed that this is the residence place of Pandavas. These are carved with sandstone rock. 5 caves are located here. Out of 5 caves Draupatdi Kuti is most ventilated and cleanest cave.

Jata Shankar Cave: Inside this cave there are 108 originally formed Lingas can be seen by the visitors. It is believed that in this caves Lord Shiva hide himself due to the fear of demo Bhasmasura.

Dhoopgarh: In the Satpura mountain ranges it is the highest peak. Sunset is most attractive in this place.

Christ Church: This was built in 1875 by the Britishers. Faces of angles on the walls are most attractive.

Other places to visit: Other Places to visit in Pachmarhi are Bison Lodge, Priyadarshini Point, Irene Pool, Lanjee giri, Bade Mahadev, Gupt Mahadev Cave Temple.


What to see around Pachmarhi:

Satpura National Park: It is located on the Satpura hills. It was established in 1981. Plenty of birds and animals are seen here.

Mahadeo Temple: It is located in Satpura Tiger reserves. Along with Bada Mahadeo temple, Gupt Mahadeo temples are also located here. It is located 10 kms away from the Pachmarhi. Visitors have to walk through the forest to reach this place.

Chauragarh: It is located 11 kms away from Pachmarchi. This place is famous for Lord Shiva Temple. Devotees climb this hill having trishul on their hands.

Handi Khoh: It is believed that this place consists of lake till Lord Shiva battle with evil snake. This snake got killed in that battle. After that battle lake become dried. It is believed that still this place is surrounded by evil snake. It is located 4 kms away from Pachmarhi.


Getting to Pachmarhi: Pachmarhi is well connected with road ways. From Bhopal, Pipariya, Chhindwara, plenty of buses are available to reach Pachmarhi. Nearest railway station is located at Pipariya which is 47 kms away from Pachmarhi. From several cities such as Howrah, Surat, Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi plenty of trains reach to Pipariya. Nearest airport is at Bhopal.


Getting around Pachmarhi: Buses and jeeps are available to visit the surrounding places of Pachmarhi. As it is hill station if visitors want to enjoy the nature, cycles will be given for rent for sightseeing.


Best Places to visit Pachmarhi: Best time to visit this place is between September to May.


Where to stay in Pachmarhi: Budget, midrange and luxury hotels are available to stay in Pachmarchi. But only limited accommodation is available. Certain rest houses provided by state government.


Where to eat in Pachmarhi: Only limited options are available. This place is famous for street food. Chinese and Indian cuisine is available.

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