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Nako is a small village in Kinnaur. It is located along the border with Tibet which is very sensitive and restricted zone. Beauties of this place are monasteries, Nako Lake and Hangrang Valley. Temples, Jhunkhang and Chortens are best places to see in this village. Clothing and Food are similar to Tibetians. Most of the people follow Buddhist culture in this place. Lamas is the traditional dance. They believe that though lamas dance evil forces can be defeated. An artistic Culture developed during 10th and 13th centuries in western Himalayan region under Buddhist Culture. All these things can be seen in 7 temples of Nako village. This place is famous for apple orchards. Festivals celebrates in this place are Losar, Flaich Ukhyang, Dakhraini, Sazo.


What to see in Nako:

Nako Lake: This Lake is surrounded by the mountains. Shape of this lake is oval shape. During the summer and winter seasons this place is filled with tourists. Boating is most famous during the summer season. In the winter season lake will get frozen. At that time this place becomes the hub for ice skating.

Monastery: It is located in the middle of the village. This place is famous for scriptures, art works, murals and sculptures. In 996 AD it was founded by Ringchen Zangpo. This monastery consists of Lotsawa Lhakhang temple. This temple is also known as Translator’s temple. It is also known as temple complex. Other name of this monastery is Nako Gompa.

Gates in Village streets: Gates in Village streets are built with wood and stone and painted in inside with colourful Buddhist religious paintings.


What to see around Nako:

Kinnaur: It is located 58 kms away from Nako. This place is known as Land of fairytales. Kinnaur is the best place to see the Tibetan Culture. Places in Kinnaur such as Lahaul and Spiti are covered with snow for 6 months.

Khab: It is located 35 kms away from Nako. This village is surrounded by mountains. River Spiti and River Sultej meet in this place.

Moorang: Apricot farming is very famous in this place. It is believed that Old fort which is located here is built by Pandava Brothers. It is located 77 kms away from Nako.


Getting to Nako: Only way to reach this place is though road ways. Taxis and bus services are available regularly from Rampur and Shimla. Nearest railways station is Shimla which is 283 kms away from Nako. Nearest Airport is located at Shimla. Taxis are available to reach Nako from Shimla.


Getting around Nako: Taxis and Jeep are available to visit the places around Nako.


Best time to visit Nako: It is not advisable to come to this place in winter season as snowfall is very high. Best time to visit this place is between April to October.


Where to stay in Nako: Very limited budget hotels are available to stay in Nako. Luxury hotels cannot be seen in this place.


Where to eat in Nako: Limited restaurants are available here. Very few restaurants offer Indian and Tibetian food. All others serve only local food.

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