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Mysore is the 3rd largest city in Karnataka State of India. From 1399 to 1947, Mysore is the capital to Mysore Princely kingdom. It is famous for its palace. Major industry in this city is Tourism. During the Dasara Festival season tourists rush will be more. This festival celebrates grandly for 10 days. Celebrations were first time started in 1610 by King Raja Wodeyar I. According to Hindu mythology, demon Mahishasura ruled Mysore. He was killed by Goddess Chamundeshwari. Due to this Dasara Festival celebrates grandly here. For the shopping lovers incense, Sandalwood, Silk products and traditional paintings are worth buying.


What to see in Mysore:

Maharaja’s Palace: Interior of this palace is most attractive with different colours, mirrors, stained glass. Paintings of Edwardian Era are looks so beautiful.

St.Philmena’s Church: This was built in neo Gothic Style between 1933 to 1941. Stained glass windows are used in this construction.

Mysore Zoo: Major attractions of this Zoo are Rhinos, Birds, Bears, Elephants, Tigers, Primates etc… This was established in 1892.

Sri Chamundeswari Temple: Entrance gate of this temple is 40meters height. This temple is dedicated to Goddess Chamundeswari. This was constructed in 11th century. Major attraction of this temple is huge statue of demon king Mahishasura in front of this temple. It is located on Chanmundi Hills.

Mysore Palace: It is the major attraction of the city. This is the fourth palace constructed in the same site. It is most beautiful with mirrors.

Regional Museum: This was established to create interest about the nature and to explain about what is the interrelationship between Plants and animals. It was established in 1995.

Rail Museum: In this museum several types of trains can be seen including first Indian made steam engine.

Other attractions of Mysore: Other attractions of Mysore are Bylakuppe Buddhist Golden Temple, GRS Fantasy Park, Jayachamarajendra Art Gallery, Somnathpur Temples, Datta Peetham, St.Philomena’s church, Melody World Wax Museum, Jagamohan Palace.


What to see around Mysore:

Brindavan Gardens: Earlier name of these gardens is Krishnarajendra Terrace Gardens. It is located 19kms away from Mysore. Major attraction of this gardens is fountains, numerous pools, trees, Shrubs, flower beds, beautiful lawns.

Srikanteswara Temple: It is located 25kms from Mysore. This temple was constructed in Dravidian style.

Balmuri and Edmuri Waterfalls: These waterfalls are most famous. Waterfalls are located 3kms away from Mysore. Water games and Swimming are most popular activities of this place.

Kesava Temple: It is located 40kms away from Mysore. This was built in 1268AD. It is one of the Hoysala Period Temples.

Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary: On the river Cauvery this is located on the small Island. It is located 18kms away from Mysore. Major attractions of this sanctuary are terns, herons, White necked storks, Painted Storks etc…


Getting to Mysore: Mysore is well connected with road and railways. From all the major cities such as Chennai, Mangalore, Bangalore, etc buses and trains are available to reach to Mysore. Nearest airport is located at Bangalore which is 140kms away from Mysore.


Getting around Mysore: Tangos and Autos are available to visit the surrounding places of Mysore.


Best time to visit Mysore: Between September to March is the best time to visit Mysore.


Where to stay in Mysore: All type of hotels such as budget range, Midrange and luxury hotels are available to stay in Mysore. Cost of budget hotels is ranging between Rs.500 to Rs.800 per day. Luxury hotels are providing services such as Ayurvedic Massages, multi Chinese restaurants, gyms, swimming pools.


Where to eat in Mysore: Plenty of restaurants are available to eat in Mysore. Idly and Dosa along with different variety of chutneys are most famous in Mysore.

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