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Mukteshwar is a town in Nainital district of Uttarakhand, India. This place is named after the temple Mukteshwar Dham temple. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is known for Scenic Splendour and breath taking view of Nanda Devi peak and Himalayan ranges. Plenty of fruit orchards can be seen here. Attractions of this place are trekking, artificial climbing, rappelling, practice rock climbing.


What to see in Mukteshwar:

Shiva Temple: Other name is Mukteshwar Dham. This is one of the major attractions of this place. It is more than 350 years old temple. White marble Shivalingam with copper Yoni is major attraction of this temple. Idols of Lord Vishnu and Brahma can also be seen here.

Sitla: It is one of the attractions of this town. This place is famous to enjoy the beauty of Himalayan ranges. It is an ideal hill station. 100 years old British bungalow is another attraction of this place. Trekking activity conducts here.

Indian Veterinary Research Institute: This was established in 1893. Research conducts on bacteriology, genetics and animal nutrition. Veternity museum and library are other attraction in this campus.

Chauthi ki Jaali: It is one of the tourists spot in this town. From the place visitors can enjoy spectacular view of Kumaon Valley. It is surrounded by numerous rocks. It is believed that natural lattices and hole in the rock are the remnants of the battle between goddess and demons. Rappling and mountain climbing activities take place here.

Raja Rani Temple: Stone sculpture of Rajarani is the major attraction of this place. It was constructed in 11th century. Variety of dance postures and moods of stone carving figures of females can be seen on this temple.

Brahmeshwara Temple: This was constructed in 1050. It is famous for its stone carvings.

Mukteshwar Inspection Bungalow: This place is famous for beautiful architecture. Edward James used to spend his spend time in his rest house. He is famous hunter. Kettle used by him can be seen here.


What to see around Mukteshwar:

Ramgarh: It is located 27kms away from the town. During the British period this place acted as cantonment area. Area is divided into upper and lower region i.e. Malla Ramgarh and Talla Ramgarh. Major attraction of this place is peach, apricot and apple orchards. Other attraction is library of Mahadevi Verma, famous poetess and painter.

Peora: Other name of this place is fruit bowl of Uttarakhand. It is located 8kms away from the town. Popular activities of this place are trekking, game watching, and Bird watching.

Nathuakhan: It is located 19kms away from the town. Major attraction of this place is Kaphal, birch, pine and oak trees. Himalayan ranges can enjoy from this place. Trekking activities and natural walks famous at this place. Cottages made up of stone and wood is another attraction of this place.


Getting to Mukteshwar: Mukteshwar is well connected with roadways. From all the nearest cities buses and taxis come to this place. Nearest railway station is located at Kathgodam which is 73kms away from Mukteshwar. From Ahmedabad, Howrah, Jammu, Dehradun etc trains come to this place. Nearest airport is located at Pantnagar which is 100kms away from the town. Pantnagar is well connected with Delhi. Taxis are available to reach Mukteshwar.


Getting around Mukteshwar: As it is a small hill station, it can be explored on foot. Taxis are available to visit the surrounding places of Mukteshwar.


Best time to visit Mukteshwar: Best time to visit this place is between March to June.


Where to stay in Mukteshwar: Plenty of accommodation is available to stay in Mukteshwar. Midrange hotels are ranging from Rs.2000 to Rs.3000 and luxury hotels are ranging from Rs.3500 to Rs.4500. Best accommodation for budget hotels is Kumaon Mandal Vikas Nigam Limited.


Where to eat in Mukteshwar: Very limited restaurants are available to eat in Mukteshwar. Only local food is available.

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