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Malpe is a fishing harbour on the Karnataka Coast. This is famous for its Pristine Beach and Vadabhandeshwara Temple. Four rocky Islands are surrounded to Malpe. Those Islands are Daria Gadara Kalluthe, Kari Illada Kallu, St.Mary’s Island and Daria Bahadurgad. In 4 rocky Islands only 2 became popular among Tourists. They are Daria Bahadurgad and St.Mary’s Islands. Fishing, Coconut industry and tile manufacturing are the prime attractions of the Malpe. Spring Zouk Festival is the famous festival celebrates in Malpe.


What to see in Malpe:

Malpe Beach: Malpe is famous for Malpe Beach. This is most beautiful place with clear blue water, Palm trees. Sand in this beach is in Golden Colour. As Malpe is the fishing harbour this beach is used for fishing. Water sports also conduct here. Activities such as Wave riding, Angling, Boating are most famous in this beach.

Vadabhadeshwara Temple: It is located near by Malpe Port. Idol God of this temple is Lord Balrama. He is the brother of Lord Sri Krishna. Idol in this temple is installed by Sri Madhavacharya, Philosopher. Pilgrims rush will be more on full moon day. Other name of this temple is Anantheshwara.


What to see around Malpe:

Daria Bahadurgad Island: This Island is famous for its Fort. This fort was built by Bidanur Basavappa Naik. Area covered by this Island is 250 yards. Only way to reach this Island is by Ferry. Near the fort Oldest tile factory and few temples are located. It is located 2kms away from Malpe.

Udupi: In Karnataka this is the most important Pilgrim place. This is dedicated to Lord Krishna. Udupi is also famous for software Industry. It industry has developed very quickly in this place. It is located 7kms away from the Malpe.

St.Mary’s Island: This is one of the 4 surrounding Islands near Malpe. In 1498 this was discovered by Vasco Da Gama. He named this Island as EI Pardon De Santa Maria. Ferry is used to reach to this Island. It is located 2kms away from Malpe.


Getting to Malpe: Malpe is well connected with road ways. Udupi is located in National Highway 17. From Udupi several buses are available to reach this place. From the cities such as Goa, Mumbai, Srigeri, karkalla, Mangalore buses are available to reach Udupi. Nearest railway station is located at Udupi. Trains from Delhi, Kochi, Margao, Mangalore, and Mumbai halt at this station. Mangalore is the nearest airport.


Getting around Malpe: Autos and Taxis are available to reach this place. Ferry’s are used to reach the nearest Islands.


Best time to visit Malpe: It is essential to know the best time before visiting any place to avoid inconvenience. Best time to visit this place is between August to March.


Where to stay in Malpe: Plenty of accommodations are available to stay in Malpe. Budget range, Midrange and luxury hotels are available in this fishing harbour. Some resorts are also available to stay in Malpe.


Where to eat in Malpe: Plenty of restaurants are available to eat in Malpe. Along with Indian, International cuisines are also available in this place. Both vegetarian and non vegetarian food is available. Sea food is most popular in this place.

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