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  • Date Posted: Apr 10, 2014
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  • Address: Machilipatnam

Machilipatnam is located in Krishna district, Andhra Pradesh, India. Other name of this place is Bandar. History of this place dates back to 3rd century during the Satavahana Period. Earlier there was a gate way of fish eye at this place. East India Company built its first company at this place. Port at this place was used by Dutch, British and French people for trading purpose. This place is famous for Bandar Laddoo. This place is famous for Rold Gold Business in the name Chilapakapudi Bangaram.


What to see at Machilipatnam:

Panduranga Swamy Temple: Lord Panduranga Vithal is worshipped here. Idol of the god is seems like childhood appearance of Lord Krishna. Diamond studded crown can be seen here. In front of the Idol, Anjaneyaswamy statue is located. All the castes and community people are allowed to enter into the temple. During karthika masam period tourists rush is more. Around this temple 108 small temples are located with different shrines.

Sai Baba Temple: It is located at district court centre. Statue in front of the temple is the biggest statue in India. This is entered into Indian Book of Records as Tallest Saibaba Statue.

Anjaneya Swami Temple: It is located at Parasupet which was built by Samarth Ramadas, Guru of Chatrapathi Sivaji.

Jodugudulu Temple: It is located in Edepalli which is 150 years old temple. Velama Doralu built this temple during 17th century.

Machilipatnam Church: This is another attraction of this place. An English man constructed this church in 19th century.

Sivaganga Temple: It is maintaining by Challapallli Jameendars. It is located in Avanigadda road. It is believed that this temple was constructed by Gods during one night. When they were constructing one mandapa unable to complete as they left that place when sun is about to rise. Till today this mandapa is unable to construct.

Other temples in Machilipatnam: Other temples in Machilipatnam are Sri Viratwakarma Temple, Sri Ventakeswara Swamy Temple Bachhupeta, and Bhadradri Ramulavari Temple Main road.


What to see around Machilipatnam:

Kuchipudi: Kuchipudi is famous for Indian classical Dance. This is the birth place of Kuchipudi Nuchyam. It is located 25kms away from Machilipatnam.

Pedana: It is located 3kms away from Machilipatnam. This place is famous for Kalankari fabrics.

Manginapudi Beach: Unlike other beaches this beach is made up of black soil. Earlier this place was acted as a port. It is located 11kms away from the town. Krishna Utsav celebrates grandly at this place during February or March. Pilgrims take a dip at this sea.

Dattashram: Earlier it was old Lord Shiva temple. Now it was renovated. Due to sanctification of 9 wells just like Rameswaram, this place is known as Datta Rameswaram. It is located near beach.

Light House: it is located near Beach. Height is 50m. Construction started in 1982 and completed in 1984.

Gantasala: It is located 21kms away from Bandar. Old Buddhist Stupas can be seen here.

Agastheeswara Temple: It is located 36kms away from Bandar. Major attraction of this place is Lord Shiva temple. Lord Shiva worshipped here in the name of Ekaratri Mallikarjunaswamy.

Gudivada: It is located 36kms away from Machiliapatnam. Several old ruins Buddhist stupas can be seen here.


Getting to Machilipatnam: This place is well connected with road and railways. Nearest airport is located at Vijayawada. From Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Gudivada, Shirdi, Rajahmundry, etc buses come to this place. From Yeshwantpur, Hyderabad, Vishakhapatnam etc trains come to this place.


Getting around Machilipatnam: Both government run and private buses, Autos, taxis are available to visit the surrounding places of Machilipatnam.


Best time to visit Machilipatnam: Machilipatnam welcomes the tourists throughout the year. Summer is too hot. Though summer is hot several tourists come to this place to enjoy the beach environment.


Where to stay in Machilipatnam: Only budget and midrange hotels are available to stay at this place. Best hotels are Eswar Residency, Apsara Lodge, Vijaya Raghava Residency.


Where to eat in Machilipatnam: Restaurants at this place are limited. This place is famous for Bandar Laddoo and Bandar Halwa. Best restaurant are RK Family Restaurant, Heavens A/C family restaurant, Vani Hotel.

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