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Konark is a small town in Puri district of Odisha, India. Konark is derived from two words Kona and Arka. Kona means Corner and Arka means Sun. Major attraction of this place is Sun Temple. Konark is also famous for pristine beaches, rich culture and heritage. Other name of Konark is Konaditya. Along with Sun Temple several other temples were also built during the rule of Narshimhadeva I of Ganga dynasty. It is believed that this Sun Temple was built by Samba Son of Lord Krishna. Konark dance festival is a five day long annual festival of dance and Music which is most famous in Konark. As a part of this festival, Craft and Handicraft Exhibition is also held.


What to see in Konark:

Konark Sun Temple: This is the major attraction of Konark which belongs to 13th century. This temple is dedicated to Lord Sun. It is most beautiful with ancient Oriyan Architecture. It is in the shape of chariot driven by seven horses. People believed that wheels represent hours of the day and shadow of the wheels says the exact time. This temple was constructed with black granite.

Konark Beach: This is one of the major attractions of this place. Devotees take bath in this beach and went to see Sun God. It is most beautiful with golden sand. Magha Saptami Mela conducts every year grandly in this beach.

ASI Museum: This museum consists of 4 galleries. It is situated just outside the Sun Temple. This museum consists of 260 antiquities. Those are found in and around the sun temple. This was established in 1968.

Ramachandi Temple: It is located on the mouth of Kushabhadra River which is 9kms away from the temple. Some people say that this temple is dedicated to Lord Sun and some people believe that this temple belongs to Lord Ramachandi.

Konark Math: Nirakar Brahma is worshipped here. Sunya Sadhana is the concept of this math. This is situated very close to Konark Sun Temple.

Vishnu Temple: Currently only ruins of this temple can be seen here. It is located just behind the Ramachandi Temple. On the Half broken walls of this temple visitors can see figures of Goddess Saraswati and Goddess Laxmi.


What to see around Konark:

Kuruma: Major attractions of this village are antique images of Buddha and Heruka. This village is located 8kms away from Konark which is built between 9th century and 10th century.

Puri: This place is famous for Puri Jagannath Yatra. It is one of the four Peethams established by Shankracharya. Puri is also known as Purushottama Puri. It is situated 35kms away from Konark.

Bhubaneswar: This place is famous for ancient temples and architectural temples. It is the capital of Odhisha.


Getting to Konark: Only way to reach this place is though road. From the major cities of Odhisha and other states, buses are available to reach this place. Nearest railway station is located at Puri which is 35kms away from Konark. Puri railway station is well connected with all the major cities in India. Nearest domestic airport is located at Bhubaneswar which is 64kms away from the Konark. From Hyderabad, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai flights are available to reach this place.


Getting around Konark: Taxis and autos are available to visit the surrounding places of Konark.


Best time to visit Konark: Best time to visit Konark is between October to March.


Where to stay in Konark: Plenty of hotels are available to stay in Konark but only budget and midrange hotels. But luxurious resorts and cottages are available to stay. These resorts and cottages cost is ranging between Rs.4500 to Rs.10, 000.


Where to eat in Konark: Plenty of restaurants are available to eat. Most famous food in Konark is fish fry in Bengali Style.

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