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Kochi is located in Ernakulam district of Kerala. Other name of Kochi is Cochin. This is also known as God’s Own Country. After Muziris Port was destroyed Kochi was developed as best trade centre. Dominated cultures in this town are Jewish settlers, Arab and Christians. Oldest group of Jews are located here. Curios, arts, handicrafts, mobile phones, electronic items, Coir products, Ayurvedic Fabric are most famous and worth buying in Kochi. Cochin Carnival and Indira Gandhi Boat race are most famous festivals in Kochi.


What to see in Kochi:

Jewish Synagogue: This Synagogue is the oldest one among 53 member countries of Common wealth Nations. Cochin Jewish Community instructed this synagogue.

St.Francis Church: It is the oldest European church in India which was constructed in 1503. Explorer Vasco Da Gama was buried at this place.

Jew Town: This place is famous for trade and Commerce during 700BC.

Mattancherry Palace: This palace was gifted to Raja Veera Kerala Vara .It was built in 1557 by Portuguese. Temple’s are also placed inside this palace.

Pareekshit Thampuran Museum: 19th century paintings are most attractive in this museum. Other attractions of this museum are Plaster of Paris sculptures, ancient coins, monuments.

Other place to see in Kochi: Other attractive places to see in Kochi are kashi Art Caf, Santhagopala krishnaswamy Temple, Indian naval Maritime Museum, Pierce Leslie Bungalow.


What to see around Kochi:

Wellingdon Island: It was artificial manmade Island. This was named after British Governor Lord Willingdon. Central institute of Fisheries, Kochi Naval base of Indian Navy are located here. It is situated 6kms away from Kochi.

Cherai Beach: It is located 39kms away from the city. Sunbathing, water sports and Swimming are most important activities of this place. In this beach tiny Island is located which can be reached by boat.

Fort Kochi: It is located 7kms away from Kochi. Old Victorian Era stayed bungalows are most attractive in this place.

Princess Street: It is located in Fort Kochi which is located 7kms away from the city. Major attractions of this place are French, British, Dutch and Portuguese Bungalows.

Mangalavanam: This is the Bird sanctuary. Huge variety of migratory birds can be seen here. Major attractions of this sanctuary are Eurasian Otter, Bandicota, House rat, Palm Squirrel etc… It is located 10kms away from the city.

Other places to visit near Kochi: Other places to visit near Kochi are Santa Cruz Cathedral, Bolghatty Palace, Shiva temple, Museums of Kerala History, Kochi beach, Vamanamoorthy Temple, Gurudwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha, Subhash Park, Chottanikkara Temple.


Getting to Kochi: Best way which connects the city to other place is by road. From the cities such as Goa, Bangalore, Mangalore, Kozhikode etc buses are available to reach this place. Nearest railway station is at Ernakulam. Cochin International Airport is the nearest airport of Kochi.


Getting around Kochi: Taxis, Autos and buses are available to visit the surrounding places of Kochi.


Best time to visit Kochi: Best time to visit this place is between October to April.


Where to stay in Kochi: Plenty of hotels are available to stay in Kochi. Tourist rush will be more between November to February so advance booking of hotels is essential. Boutique hotels are available in Fort Kochi. Price of luxury hotels are ranging between Rs.9000 to Rs.20,000. Home stays are also available whose cost is ranging between Rs.350 to Rs.800.


Where to eat in Kochi: Plenty of restaurants are available to eat in Kochi. Starting from Rs.50 meals are available. Banana Leafs are preferred to serve the food in all the restaurants.

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