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Khuri is a small village located in Sikar district of Rajasthan, India. Visitors of this can enjoy and can have most memorable experience of Sam Sand Dunes. Sweeping dunes are most attractive in shining golden colour. Riding on the decorated camel is so exiting. From this village visitors can reach to Thar Desert Sand dunes within half an hour. If visitors travel through any other vehicle it will take less than half an hour of time.


What to see in Khuri:
Khuri Sand Dues:
Though it is the one attraction of Khuri, it is most unforgettable and impressive experience. Horse safaris and Camel safaris is most memorable experience. Visitors of this place have to experience Spartan splendours of the desert. During the night times desert offers ideal setting to star gaze. Kalbeliya dance and folk songs accompanied by bonfires are very common in this place. For the entertainment of the tourists, Camel Polo and Camel race conducts here. Sunrise and sunset from the sand dunes looks so beautifully.


What to see around Khuri:

Sam Sand Dunes: It is located 40kms away from Khuri. During the winter season night camps in this place is most attractive. Cost of this camp is between Rs.3000 to Rs.7000 per person.

Jaisalmer Fort: Other name of this fort is Ship fort as it looks like ship in the sea of the golden sand. Sandstone is used to build this fort. It was constructed in 12th century. It is located 36kms away from Khuri.

Gadisar Lake: Visitors of this lake can enjoy boat riding. Though it is located in the middle of the desert it will never get dry. It is located 39kms away from Khuri.

Desert National Park: In India this is one of the largest parks. It is located 47kms away from Khuri. Major attraction of this place is fauna and flora. Visitors are allowed between 10.00 AM to 5.00 PM for 4 to 5 hours. Nearly 72 villages are located around this park. This is the best place for natural lovers.

Tazia Tower: This was the construction of Muslim rulers. It is 5 storied structures with several carved balconies. Muharram celebrates here very grandly. It is located 38kms away from Khuri.

Government Museum: It is located 38kms away from Khuri. Major attraction of museum is marine and wooden fossils of wildlife. Handful displays which are placed here dates back to 150 million years. Sculptures of 12th century can be seen here.


Getting to Khuri: Khuri is well connected through road ways. From Jaisalmer, Delhi, Jodhpur, Bikaner, Jaipur buses come to this place. Nearest railway station is located at Jaisalmer which is 50kms away from Khuri. From Mumbai, Delhi, Jodhpur trains come to Jaisalmer. SUVs, Jeeps, Taxis and buses are available to come to Khuri from Jaisalmer. Nearest airport is located at Jodhpur which is 310kms away from Khuri. This airport is well connected with Delhi and Mumbai. From these airport visitors has to reach to Jaisalmer. Then they have to reach to Khuri.


Getting around Khuri: Camel Carts, Horses, Camels, SUVs, jeeps are available to visit the surrounding places of Khuri.


Best time to visit Khuri: Best time to visit Khuri is between November to February.


Where to stay in Khuri: Khuri is having several resorts along with plenty of home stays. Traditional Rajasthan cuisines are available at home stays of Khuri. Dune visits offer by home stays and resorts management. Best facilities will be available at resorts and home stays.


Where to eat in Khuri: Rajasthani Cuisines are available in home stays and Resorts. Both vegetarian and non vegetarian food is available in these home stays and resorts.

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