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Kaza Attractions: Best Place for Trekking, Tangyud Monastery, Tabo Monastery

Kaza is sub divisional headquarters of Spiti Valley of Himachal Pradesh. This town is divided into Kaza Khas (old) and Kaza Soma (new) sections. Kaza Khas consists of historical buildings, gompas, monasteries, Kings Palace while Kaza Soma consists of all government offices. Kaza seems most beautiful with streams, Crystal Clear River and snowy crowns. It is located 11,980 feet above the sea level. Rudyard Kipling described this place as a World within the World.


Culture in Kaza is similar to Ladakh and Tibet. This is the best commercial centre and administrative centre for Spiti Valley. Most attractive activities for several tourists are adventurous sports, mountaining, trekking. Festivals celebrates here are Ladarcha Fair, Tsheshu Fair, Pauri Fair, Tribal Fair. For the shopping lovers best things to buy are stone gems, Clothes, Chinese Ceramic Utensils.


What to see in Kaza:

Tangyud Monastery: From this castle visitors can see the entire view of Kaza. This place is most sacred to Buddhists. It seems like fortified castle with slanted mud walls.

Tabo Monastery: In western Himalayas this is one of the oldest Buddhism centres. This monastery is almost looks like Ajanta paintings. Lama Dance is most famous in this place.


What to see around Kaza:

Dhankar Monastery: It is located 5 kms away from Kaza. Main intension to build this fort is to keep an eye on enemies and enjoy the Spiti Valley by seeing from this place. Old temple in Dhankar is known as Lha O Pa Gompa.

Ki Monastery: In the Spiti Valley this is the largest monastery. This monastery is famous for wind instruments, stucco images, rare manuscripts, thankas, and murals. This monastery is dates back to 1000 years. This is the best place for Pasada Style of architecture. It consists of 3 floors. Small rooms in the monastery are allotted to monks. Underground is used as storage and Ground Floor is used as assembly hall. It is located 12 kms away from Kaza.

Pin Valley: It is located on the banks of river Pin. Major activities in this place are archery competitions and Horse racing. Most of the tourists attracts towards Chamurti Horses. It is a part of Spiti Valley. This is situated 13 kms away from Kaza.

Lahaul Valley: This is most developed valley than Spiti. It is one of the subdivisions of Lahaul Spiti district. Trekking is the best activity here. It is Located 8 kms away from Kaza.

Kibber: It is located 13 kms away from Kaza. This is popular trekking place. It consists of only 80 houses with architectural style.


Getting to Kaza: Only way to reach this place is through road way. Visitors need to come to this place either from Shimla or from Manali. Nearest railway station is located at Jogindernagar. Nearest railway station is at Shimla.


Getting around Kaza: Taxis are available to visit the places around Kaza. Motor cycles are available for rent to enjoy riding on the mountain valley.


Best time to visit Kaza: Between May to October visitors can enjoy this place very much.


Where to stay in Kaza: Plenty of midrange hotels are available here. Best hotels in Kaza are Banjara Retreat, Parasol Retreat, and Spiti Valley Camp Retreat.


Where to eat in Kaza: Restaurants are very limited. Only Tibetian and Indian Cuisine are available. Both vegetarian and non vegetarian food is available.

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