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Kausani is a hill station in Bageswar district of Uttarakhand, India. This place is famous for its scenic beauty. Mahatma Gandhi called this place as Switzerland of India. On either side of the Kasauni, visitors can see the beauty of Gomti River and Kosi River. Visitors can have the spectacular view of Panchuli, Nandadevi, Trishul peaks of Himalayas. Trekking and high flavour tea is most famous in this place.


What to see in Kausani:

Anasakti Ashram: Mahatma Gandhi stayed at this place. He penned the commentary on Anashkti Yog. Other name of this Ashram is Gandhi Ashram. Now it is converted into Study cum Research centre.

Lakshmi Ashram: In the year 1948, this Ashram was founded by Catherine Hillman. He became most popular with the name Sarlaben. He was the disciple of Mahatma Gandhi. Ashram is running boarding school for the girls at the foot hill of Kausani. Other name of this Ashram is Sarla Ashram.

Sumitranandan Pant Gallery: This is dedicated to Hindi Poet Sumitranandan Pant. Kausani is the birth place of this poet. Museum consists of awards received by him, manuscripts of the poems and draft copies of his literacy.

Planet Show: It is a planetarium cum internet cafe. Stargazing is an option for the tourists, when clear night sky is available. In the show astronomers explain about astronomy to the visitors of this place.


What to see around Kausani:

Pinnath: It is located 5kms away from the town. This place can be reached by trekking. Indian arch which has representations of the Pandavas on its sides, form the roof of the portico.

Rudrahari Mahadev Temple: It is located 8kms away from the town. It is an ancient cave temple. It is believed that Rishi Kaushik meditated here for a long time.

Kausani Tea Estate: World famous Kausani Tea is produced here. Major exports of this tea are to United States, Korea, Germany and Australia. Visitors can see the manufacturing process of tea. Area covered by this estate is 208 hectares.

Rudradhari Falls and Caves: It is located 12kms away from the town. Trekking can be used to reach this place. Valley flows as small springs and rivers.

Someshwar: Lord Shiva temple of this place is most famous. Beauty of Someshwar Valley can be enjoyed from here. It is located 12kms away from the town.

Baijnath Temple: It is located 16kms away from the town. This temple was constructed in 12th century which is situated at the town Baijnath and on the banks of Gomti River. According to Hindu Mythology, Lord Shiva and Parvati got married at the confluence of River Gomti and Garur Ganga. Other attraction of this town is Maheshsur Mardini.


Getting to Kausani: Kausani is well connected with road and railways. From Pithoragarh, Nainital, Ranikhet, Almora etc buses come to this place. From Delhi, Lucknow, Jaipur, Ghaziabad, Kanpur etc trains come to this place. Nearest airport is Naini Saini airport at Pithoragarh which is located 112kms away from the town. Taxis are available to reach the town from the airport.


Getting around Kausani: Horse drawn Carriage or Tonga is the best means of transport in Kausani. Places in Kausani can see on foot. Buses and taxis are available to visit the surrounding places of Kausani.



Best time to visit Kausani: As the region is so slippery it is advisable not to reach this place during rainy season. Best time to visit this place is between September to May.


Where to stay in Kausani: Resorts, midrange and budget hotels are available to stay at this place. Rest house is maintained by Kumaon Mandal Vikas Nigam. Accommodation is also available in Ashrams.


Where to eat in Kausani: Eating options are very limited in the town. In-house restaurants of hotels are the best option to have food in Kausani.

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