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Assam , Nature, Temple, Wildlife Sanctuary

Jatinga is a small village located in Assam. This place is known for birds committing suicide. In order to see the birds thousands of visitors come to this place. In general birds will never commit suicide. Several people assume in several ways regarding this suicide. Some people think that they were dying due to suicidal fires, street lights. Some believes that they are killed. Till now extract reason for suicide is not known to anyone. Every year thousands of birds come to this place through migration.


Bird’s death is more between August to November. In order to know the reason Geological survey of India came to this place during the dying period. They were stating that during this period wind blows in high velocity from top hill. Due to wide spread of fog and high altitude of winds leads to death of birds.


Another story which is very popular regarding the death of birds is high power search lights will be fix on the hill top by the local people with the intention to kill the birds. During the night times when they are flying on the hill top they will be affected due to search lights and they will die.


What to see in Jatinga: Thousands of bird’s species can be found in this place. Visitors visit this place to see suicides of birds. Most of the birds species find in this place are Kingfisher, Indian Pitta, Little Egret, Black Bittern, and Tiger Bittern. Apart from these birds 44 species can be seen here.


What to see around Jatinga:

Shiva Mandir: This is the most famous temple. Lord Shiva is worshipped in this place. Other name of this temple is Bhubaneswar Temple. This is located on the hill Bhuvan .Visitors can also see Goddess Parvati in the temple. This temple is located 110 Kms far away from Jatinga.

Silchar: it is the commercial hub. This is the best place for natural lovers. Silchar is also known as Island of Peace. For the architectural splendours also this is the best place to visit. This place is 85 Kms away from Jatinga.

Haflong: This is the only hill station in Assam which is 25 Kms away from Jatinga. Haflong Lake is situated in the middle of the town. This is the most scenic beauty place.


Getting to Jatinga: Only way to visit this place is road way. Several private agencies along with government buses visit this place every day. Nearest railway station is Lumding Junction. There is no nearest airport. Guwahati airport is 369 Kms away from Jatinga. This is the only airport nearby.


Getting around Jatinga: Private buses, auto rickshaws and jeeps are available to reach the nearest place of Jatinga.


Best time to visit Jatinga: Visitors prefer to come to this place between August to November to see suicides of birds.


Where to stay in Jatinga: There is no proper accommodation facility in Jatinga so people prefer to stay at Haflong and Silchar. All budgeted hotels are available in these places.


Where to eat in Jatinga: Proper food will not be available in this place. So it is advisable to carry food while visiting this place.

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