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Rajasthan, North India, Fort, Nature, Temple, Wildlife Sanctuary

Jalore is a city in Jalore district, Rajasthan, India. Earlier name of this city is Jabalipura which was named after a saint. Main attraction of this place is Jalore Fort. It is situated on Golden Mount. So this city is also known as Songir.


What to see in Jalore:

Topkhana: It is located at the heart of the town. Before independence, artilleries were kept in these school buildings. After independence this was started using for the storage of food grains. Major attraction of this place is stone carvings. 276 pillars are used to support this building. On both the sides of this Topkhana two temples are situated. But idols are not there in these temples. Jagnath Mahadev: Only few years back this was discovered. This temple was built by Rudal Devi. Several pillar and stone inscriptions of this temple was destroyed. Rudal Devi inscription was safe.

Jalore Fort: This is the major attraction of Jalore. During 10th century this was built by Paramaras. There are 4 gates to this fort. They are Suraj Pol, Siroh Pol, Dhruv Pol, and Bal Pol. One interesting thing is that Sun enters into the fort through Suraj Pol Gate. Fort comprises of one Mosque, a shrine of Mallik Shah, 3 Jain Temples, a shrine of Goddess Jogmaya, a Shiva Temple, Palace of Mansingh, 2 water reservoirs.

Mosque of Malik Shah: It is located in the middle of the fort. Gujarati style of architecture is the major attraction of this mosque.


What to see around Jalore:

Sire Mandir Temple: It is located 3kms away from the city of Jalore. Imprint of Nath Ji’s footsteps can be seen here. Shiva Linga is situated in a rounded cave. This temple was built by Raja Ratan Singh. One of the attractions of this temple is huge elephant statue in front of the temple made up of stone and cement.

Jahaz Temple: It is located in Mandwala which is 20kms away from Jalore. At the grave of Surishwar Maharaj, a temple was built on a ship. All community people come to this temple along with Jain worshippers.

Jalore Wildlife Sanctuary: It is located 68kms away from the Jalore city. Major attraction of this sanctuary is long billed vulture, tawny eagle, Asian steppe wildcat etc and more than 200 different species of birds. Granite Mountain inside the sanctuary is another attraction of this sanctuary. Visitors can enjoy Jeep Safari at this place.

Lohanagarh of Jaswantpura: It is located is 37kms away from Jalore. King Jaswant built a rest house for his winter recreation on the mountain. Area is rich with wild life such as monkeys, boars, tigers, etc…

Fort of Bhadrajun: It is located 54kms away from Jalore. Earlier name of this place is Subhadra Arjun named after Arjun and Subhadra characters of epic Mahabharata. Devi Subhadra temple is the major attraction of this place.

Fort of Kot Kasta: This village is famous for Nath Fort. This is 200 years old fort.


Getting to Jalore: Jalore is well connected with road ways. From Ahmedabad, Ajmer, Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Jaipur etc buses come to this place. Nearest railway station is located at Jodhpur which is 140kms away from the city. Jodhpur airport is the nearest airport. From Mumbai, Delhi, Udaipur etc flights come to Jodhpur.


Getting around Jalore: Buses along with private vehicles are available to visit the surrounding places of Jalore.


Best time to visit Jalore: Jalore invites the visitors throughout the year.


Where to stay in Jalore: Plenty of accommodations are available to stay in Jalore. Best hotels in Jalore are Ravla Bhenswara Hotel, Hotel City Palace, Harji Fort, Hotel Geetco.


Where to eat in Jalore: Plenty of restaurants available to eat in Jalore.

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