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Gokarna is a town in Uttara Kannada district of State Karnataka. Gokarna is derived from 2 words Go and Karna. Gokarna means Cow’s ear. Agashini and Gangavali rivers confluence in this place. That place looks like cow’s ear. So this town is named as Gokarna. This place is known as Hindu Temple town. Gokarna is also famous for its beaches. Mahashivaratri is most famous festival celebrates here. During this festival season, devotees rush will be more. In this place Atmalinga is placed by Lord Ganesha after he taken Atmalinga from Ravan.


What to see in Gokarna:

Maha Ganpati Temple: Before visiting Mahabaleshwar Temple each and every devotee visits this temple. Idol of Lord Ganesha inside the temple is so tall. On the head of this idol a hole can be seen. It is believed that it was caused when Ravan hit Ganesha in anger when Ganesha kept Atmalinga on the earth.

Mahabaleshwar Temple: This temple is the main attraction of this town. Idol inside the temple is known as Atmalinga. This was given by Lord Shiva to Ravan. In this place people pray for their ancestors and perform obsequies. Granite stone was used to construct this temple. This was built in Dravidian Architectural style.

Half Moon Beach: This is another attraction in the town. This place is ideal for swimming.

Gokarna Beach: Water sports activities are most popular in this area. Apart from sports activities Sun Bathe can also enjoy by the tourists.

Om Beach: Seashore of this beach is in the shape of Om. So it was named as Om. It is the main attractions to the visitors. Activities such as Surfing, Banana Boat, and Jet Skiing are most famous in this beach.

Full Moon Beach / Paradise Beach: This is the best place for the natural lovers. Visitors can reach to this place either by boating or by trekking though forests.


What to see around Gokarna:

Bhadrakali Temple: It is located just 1km away from the town. Goddess Uma worshipped here. She is the incarnation of Goddess Parvati.

Mirjan Fort: It was built by Queen Chennabhairadevi. This fort is famous for its architectural styles. It is located 11kms away from Gokarna.

Kudle Beach: It is located 6kms away from Gokarna. It is one of the 4 beaches in Karnataka.

Yaana: This place is famous for rock formation and waterfalls. Of all the rock formations most famous rock formations are Mohini Shikhara and Bhairaveshwara Shikhara. It is located 49kms away from the town.

Kumta Town: It is located 32kms away from Gokarna. This place is famous for Dhareshwar Beach, Kumta Beach and Baada Beach.


Getting to Gokarna: This place is well connected by the roadways. From the cities such as Hubli, Mangalore, Bangalore buses come to this place on regular basis. Nearest railway station is located at Ankola. This is 20kms away from Gokarna. Trains from Thiruvananthapuram, Mumbai, and Mangalore come to Ankole. From the railway station, Taxis are available to reach to Gokarna. Nearest airport is Dabolim Airport which is 140kms away from Gokarna.


Getting around Gokarna: Taxis are available to visit the surrounding places of Gokarna. Several people would like to visit the places in Gokarna on foot by enjoying the nature.


Best time to visit Gokarna: Best time to visit this place is between October to February.


Where to stay in Gokarna: As this is the most popular pilgrim place all the facilities are available. Budget and Midrange Hotels are available to stay in Gokarna. Most of the visitors want to stay in beach resorts to enjoy the nature.


Where to eat in Gokarna: Best vegetarian food is available. But luxury restaurants are not available. Best restaurants in Gokarna are Namaste Cafe, Mahalaxmi Restaurant, Pai Restaurant, and Pai Hotel.

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