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Dwarka is a city in Gujarat. It is one of the seven most ancient cities in India. This place is associated with Lord Krishna. Dwarka is derived from the words Dwara and Ka. Dwara means Door and ka means Brahma. Dwarka means gateway to Brahma. Other name of Dwarka is Dwaravati. On the request of Lord Krishna this city was built by Vishwakarma. It is located on the banks of Gomti River. It is believed that after the death of Lord Krishna this city was merged into the sea. This was rebuild 6 times but it ruins. Current city is 7th rebuilt city.


During the regime of Lord Krishna, 7 lakh gold and silver palaces are placed around the city. For the shopping lovers best items available here are local souvenirs, embellished footwear, embroidered handicraft items, Bandhni fabrics, Patola silk sarees.


What to see in Dwarka:

Dwarkadhish Temple: This was built by king Vajranabha who is the great grandson of Lord Krishna. Other name of the temple is Jagat Temple. This was built in Chalukya style before 2000 years. There are two main entrances to this temple. One is facing north it is known as Moksha Dwar and other is facing south. It is known as Swarga Dwar. Here visitors can see four armed statue of Lord Vishnu.

Rukshamanee Mandir: This place is famous for the temple of Goddess Devi Rukmani who is the wife of Lord Krishna.

Rukmini Hrid: People believe that a dip in Rukmini Hrid will lead to moksha.

Gomti Sangam Ghat: In this place Gomti River merges with ocean. It is believed that if people take bath in this place sins will wash off.

Gita Mandir: On the walls of the temple various chapters of Bhagvad Gita can be seen. This was built by Birla’s (industrialist) in 1970.


What to see around Dwarka:

Byet Dwarka: It is believed that this is the place from where Lord Krishna ruled the people. His family resides in this place. 500 years ago Sri Vallabhacharya built Lord Krishna temple in this place. Water sports, beach is most famous here. It is located 34 Kms away from Dwarka.

Nageshwar Jyothirlinga Temple: Lord Shiva is worshipped here. Other name of this temple is Nagnath Temple. This place is situated between Beyt Dwarka and Gomti Dwarka. Statue of lord Shiva is very huge. It is located 17 Kms away from Dwarka.

Kirti Mandir: This mandir is dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi, Father of Nation and Kasturiba Gandhi. It is located 98 Kms away from Dwarka.


Getting to Dwarka: Dwarka is well connected with Road and Railways. From all the major cities like Amerli, Vadodara, Porbanbar, Ahmadabad etc several buses are available. From the places like Bangalore, Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi railway facility is available. Nearest airport is at Jamnagar.


Getting around Dwarka: Cycle Rickshaw’s, Taxi’s, Auto’s are available to see the places around Dwarka.


Best time to visit Dwarka: Best time to visit this place is between October to March.


Where to stay in Dwarka: Several hotels are available to stay in Dwarka. Luxurious hotels cannot find in this place. Only lower and middle range hotels are available. Best hotels in Dwarka are Hotel Shree Darshan, Hotel Damli, Meera Hotel, and Hotel Ganga.


Where to eat in Dwarka: In this place only vegetarian food is available. Popular food of this place is Sweet buttermilk, Khamman Dhokla and Gujarati Thali. Most of the restaurants serve North Indian, south Indian and Gurjarthi dishes.

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