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Coonoor is a Taluk and hill station in Nilgiris district of Tamilnadu. After Ooty this is the second largest hill station in Nilgiri Hills. Britishers discovered this place in 19th century. Britishers developed this place as summer resort. Streets and Bungalows in this place are with English names. Tea cultivates in this place is world famous. Major attractions of this place are Parakeets, thrushes, skylarks, Pipits Cormorants. This is the perfect place for the bird watchers. Hiking and trekking are the other attractions of this place. Every year Coonoor Horticulture Society organises Fruit show at Sim’s park. Thousands of visitors come to this place to see this show.


What to see in Coonoor:

Hidden Valley: Valley which is surrounding to Coonoor is known as Hiden Valley. Lush vegetation and Panoramic Beauty can be seen all around the village. Hidden waterfalls and hidden streams are another attraction of this place.

Sim’s Park: It is park apart from botanical garden. This park is having hundreds of years of history. It was developed by Mr.JD Sims in 1874. Rare species of plants are placed here. All are collected from all over the world. Interesting thing of this park is this it was built in Japanese style. Vegetable and fruit show conducts every year in this show.

Tiger Hill cemetery: This is dates back to 19th century. Britishers used this place to bury the bodies of war soldiers.

Wellington Golf Course: Golf course game can be enjoyed here. Several movies shooted in this place.


What to see around Coonoor:

Catherine Falls: These are located 20kms away from Coonoor. Waterfalls fall from 250feet. These waterfalls look so beautiful if visitors see this place from Dolphins Nose.

Lamb’s Rock: It is located 8kms away from Coonoor. This place is best known for bird view. Giant rock in this place is named as Captain Lamb. Earlier people tried to make this rock as entrance to Burliar Village but this was not possible.

Dolphins Nose : It is located 10kms away from Coonoor. Rock in this place resembles like Dolphins nose so this place is named as Dolphins nose.

Pomological station: It is located on Coonoor and Mettupalayam Ghat Road. This institution is used to make researches on Pomegranates, Apricots, Lemons, Persinments, Peaches, Plums, and Apples. This is well known fruit research institution in India.

The Droog: This is one of the popular trekking places. It is located 15kms away from Coonoor.

Laws Falls: These falls are located 7kms away from Coonoor. Height of these waterfalls is 180feet. This is most beautiful waterfalls.


Getting to Coonoor: Coonoor is well connected though roadways. From Ooty, Coimbatore, and from other cities buses are available to reach this place. Nearest railway station is located at Mettupalayam which is 46kms away from Coonoor. Coimbatore airport is the nearest airport which is 70kms away from Coonoor. This airport is well connected with Bangalore, Chennai and with other metro cities.


Getting around Coonoor: As it is small place on can visit the places on foot. However, buses and autos are available to visit the places in and around of Coonoor.


Best time to visit Coonoor: Coonoor welcomes tourists all over the year. But during the summer season rush will be more


Where to stay in Coonoor: Farm stays and hotels are available to stay in Coonoor. Advance booking of hotels during the summer season is essential. Starting price of single room is Rs.3000. In this amount itself hotels management make arrangements to visit the places in Coonoor.


Where to eat in Coonoor: Very limited and small eateries are available to eat in Coonoor. Famous snacks in Coonoor are Samosas, Vadais, Bhajjis, and Potato Bondas. Though these are small eateries best quality food is available.

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