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Bundi is a small city in Rajasthan, India. This place is famous for festivals, Paintings and architecture. City is named after the Meena tribe king Bundi Meena. Earlier name of this city is Bundi Ka Nal. Nal means narrow ways. In Bundi, 50 step wells are located. These are built for the public in 1699. Most beautiful step well is Rani Jiki Barol. Worth buying things in Bundi are miniature paintings and cotton carpets.


What to see in Bundi:

Taragarh Fort: It is the major attraction of Bundi. It is also known as Star Fort. Major attraction of this fort is huge cannon which were named as Garbh Gujam. Fort is in the shape of Horse shoe. Lakes and reservoir situated below the hill. In the fort 3 water tanks are placed. They will never get dry even in the peak summer season.

Chaurasi Khambo Ki Chatri: This is known for 84 pillars which were erected by Rao Anirudh.

Moti Mahal: This was constructed using 80 pounds of gold. Different selected stones are also used in the construction of this mahal. Beautiful mirror work can be seen on the ceiling.

Bundi Palace: This palace is famous for Rajasthani Craftsmanship. Only one of the palaces is open for the public. This part is known as Chitra Shala. Attractions of this Palace are Diwann-e-Aam, Old water clock, Hathi Pol, Naubat Khana, Hazari Pol, and Miniature paintings.

Chitrasala: It is located inside the Garh Palace. Paintings on the walls of this sala display Ras Lila and Ragmala Stories.

Sukh Mahal: It is situated near Jait Sagar Lake. Now it was converted into an irrigation rest house. White marble chhatri placed at the second storey of the Sukh Mahal.

Nawal Sagar Lake: It is located at the centre of the city. It is an artificial lake. Mirror image of the city can be seen in the waters of this lake.

Phool Sagar Lake: It is situated in Phool Mahal Complex. Between November to February this region fills with beautiful migratory birds.

Bundi Utsav: This organises in November- December every year. Thousands of visitors come to this place during this season. Exhibitions, arts & Crafts, fireworks Competition and Painting, Sports, dance and music competitions conducts here.



What to see around Bundi:

Rameshwar: It is located 15kms away from Bundi. This place is famous of Cave temple which was dedicated to Lord Shiva. Waterfalls are the other attraction of this place.

Bijoliya: This place played a major role during the reign of Chauhan rulers. They have constructed 3 Lord Shiva temples in 13th century. It is located 51kms away from Bundi.

Jait Sagar: It is located 3kms away from Bundi. This is full of lotus flowers. It was surrounded with huge wall and 4 gateways.

Shikar Burj: It is one of the major attractions near Bundi. It is located 4kms away from Bundi city situated in Bundi Forests. Earlier this was old hunting cottage but now this was converted into picnic spot.


Getting to Bundi: Bundi is well connected with road ways. From all the cities of Rajasthan, private and state run buses come to this place. Nearest railway head is located at Kota. From Udaipur, Ratlam, Kolkata, Delhi, Ajmer trains halt at this station. Taxis are available from railway station to reach Bundi. Nearest airport is located at Jaipur which is 215kms away from Bundi. Taxis are available to reach Bundi.


Getting around Bundi: City can be explored on foot or by auto rickshaw. Buses and Taxis are available to visit the surrounding places of Bundi.


Best time to visit Bundi: Best time to visit Bundi is between August to March.


Where to stay in Bundi: Plenty of accommodations are available to stay in Bundi including luxurious hotels. Luxury hotels provide Rajput hospitality.


Where to eat in Bundi: Plenty of restaurants available to eat in Bundi. Continental, Chinese and Indian food is available in the restaurant.

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