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Bishnupur is a town in Bankura district of West Bengal, India. This place is famous balucheri sarees and terracotta temples. Architecture of Bishnupur is most brilliant for its terracotta work. Malla Kings developed this unique work. This is known as city of temples. For the shopping lovers worthy things can be purchased are Baluchari Sarees and terracotta Products such as Ganesha, elephants, horses, disks, handmade jars.


What to see in Bishnupur:

Jorebangla Temple: This was built by King Raghunath Singha Dev II in 1655 AD. It was constructed in Classical Chala Style. Terracota works and carved designs also found on the walls of the temple.

Acharya Jogesh Chandra Purakriti Bhawan: This is the museum related to archaeology and art. Visitors can see Palaeolithic era and Mesolithic era things in this museum. Other attractions of this museum are ancient day’s artifacts, coins starting from Gupta kings to Pal kingdom. Rare Photographs, manuscripts and paintings can also be seen here.

Shyamrai Temple: This temple is famous for carved roof architecture. Temple is in square shape. Garden around the temple is so attractive. Stories of lord Krishna can be seen on the walls in the form of carvings and pictures.

Pancha Ratna Temple: It is considered to the first Bengal temple in a creative manner. This temple was dedicated to Shyam Rai and constructed by King Raghunath Singh in 17th century.

Rasmancha: This was the oldest Pyramidal tower shaped brick temple. Turrets are surrounded to this temple. This was an idea of King Bir Himbira who belongs to 17th century.

Madanmohan Temple: In Late 17th century this was built by King Durjana Singh. It is one of the oldest temples of Bishnupur. Roof of this temple is curved with Pinnacle and Cornices over the top.


What to see around Bishnupur:

Siddheswar Temple: It is located 25kms away from the city and is situated in Bahulara. Unique designs on the walls of the temple are most attractive. Major shrines of this temple are Jai Parshwanath, Ganesh and Durga. Gajan is the famous festival in this temple which celebrates in March – April.

Susunia Pahar: It is located 62kms away from the city. This place is famous for Silialipi, Dhara, natural springs and Trekking.

Biharinath Hill: This place is famous for flora which is located 57kms away from the city.

Radhashyam Temple: It is located 65kms away from the city which was built during the reign of Chaitanya Singha in 1750. This was built in Terrocotta architectural style. Main idol of this temple is Lord Sri Krishna.


Getting to Bishnupur: Bishnupur is well connected with roadway. From other cities in West Bengal is well connected to Bishnupur through roadway. Jeeps, cars and buses reach to this place. Bishnupur is having small station only limited trains stop in this place. Nearest railway head is located at Howrah. From this station autos, cars are available to reach Bishnupur. Nearest airport is located at Kolkata.


Getting around Bishnupur: Almost all the temples are located very near to each other. Walking is the best way to reach the places in Bishnupur. Cycle rickshaws are also available to reach the temples of the city. Autos, taxis, and buses are available to visit the surrounding places of Bishnupur.


Best time to visit Bishnupur: Bishnupur welcomes the visitors throughout the year. But tourist rush will be more during the Bishnupur festival season.


Where to stay in Bishnupur: Only budget and midrange hotels are available. Tourist’s lodges are also available. These are cheaper than hotels.


Where to eat in Bishnupur: Limited restaurants are available to eat in Bishnupur. Almost all the restaurants serve Bengali food and sweets. Only limited restaurants offer Chinese, South Indian and north Indian cuisines.

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