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  • Date Posted: Apr 4, 2014
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  • Address: Bhojpur, Madhya Pradeh

Bhojpur is a historical town in Raisen district of Madhya Pradesh. This town is named after the king Bhoja. He is considered as best ruler of Paramara dynasty. It is believed that this town was established in 11th century. Bhoja build a dam in Bhojpur to arrest streams of 9 rivers and 99 rivulets. Major festival celebrates in Bhojpur is Mahashivrathri. During that period huge mela conducts in Bhojpur.


What to see in Bhojpur:

Bhojeswar Temple: Bhojpur is famous for Bhojeswar Temple though this temple has not constructed fully. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Linga Rupa in this temple is one of the largest lingas in India. Height is 18 feet. On the pillars, facades and dome of the temple large number of sculptures can be seen. At the entrance of the temple two idol statues are most attractive. This is also known as Bhojpur temple which was constructed by Raja Bhoja between 1010 and 1053 AD.

Cave of Parvati: This is located opposite to the Bhojeswar Temple. It consists of plenty of architectural fragments and sculptures. All these sculptures belong to 11th century.

Jain Temple: This temple consists of statue of Shantinath which is 6 meters tall, Suparasnath statue and 2 statues of Parshvanath.

Bhoja’s Royal Palace: After the Parvati and opposite to Bhojpur temple Bhoja’s Royal Palace remains can be seen. This Palace is unique palace. In northern India this kind of building cannot be seen anywhere.

Quarries and Rock drawings: Bhojpur temple is still incomplete. Large numbers of architectural parts which are planned to be used in temple construction are still located in the quarries where the stones are cut and fashioned. This quarry consists of several temple plans, pillars and mouldings.


What to see around Bhojpur:

Bhopal: It is the capital of Madhya Pradesh. This city is also known as City of Lakes. Large number of lakes is manmade lakes which are founded by Raja Bhoj. Major attractions in Bhopal are Upper Lake, Taj Ul Masajid, Birla Museum, Gohar Mahal etc… It is located 29 kms away from Bhojpur.

Bhimbetka: It is situated 25 kms away from Bhojpur. This place is famous for prehistoric rock shelter. Here visitors can also see prehistoric cave paintings of South Asia. It is a World Heritage Site which is declared by UNESCO.

Sanchi: It is located 68 kms away from Bhojpur. This place is famous for Stupas. These stupas are also known as Sanchi Stupas which are built by Emperor Ashoka in 3rd Century BC. The Great Stupa is considered as oldest stupa in India.


Getting to Bhojpur: Bhojpur is well connected with road ways. From cities like Sanchi, Bhimbetka, Bhopal buses are available to reach Bhojpur. Nearest railway station is located at Bhopal. Nearest Air port is located at Bhopal. This airport is well connected with Jabalpur, Gwalior, Raipur, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Indore, and Kolakata.


Getting around Bhojpur: Autos, buses and taxis are available to visit the nearby places of Bhojpur.


Best time to visit Bhojpur: This temple welcomes all the tourists throughout the year. But best time to visit this place is between October to March.


Where to stay in Bhojpur: Only budget and midrange hotels are available. Best hotels in Bhojpur are Jaypee Residency Manor, The Haveli Hari Ganga, and Country Inn. If Visitors wants to stay in luxury hotel they need to go to Bhopal.


Where to eat in Bhojpur: Very limited restaurants are available. Only Bhojpuri food is available in most of the restaurants. Very few restaurants are providing Indian and Continental food.

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